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Sharon Delaney McCloud

Partner & VP of Professional Develoment at Walk West

Marketing and Advertising

Education: Florida State University
Raleigh, NC, USA


Sharon Delaney McCloud is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, TEDx speaker, Certified, Virtual Presenter via eSpeakers, Certified Diversity Executive, cancer survivor, Olympic Torch Bearer, author and communications expert who helps leaders & companies improve communication & executive presence to drive business results. As an active member of the Global Speakers Federation and the National Speakers Association, Sharon connects with people, while at the same time, offering actionable insights.

Sharon earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Florida State University before embarking on a career as a television journalist. From the Persian Gulf War to John Glenn's historic return to space to the Super Bowl to hurricanes, floods, politics and entertainment, she has covered thousands of stories that have affected people's lives on a daily basis. Sharon also moderated gubernatorial and mayoral debates throughout North Carolina and served as a mentor for young journalists beginning their careers.

After leaving television news, Sharon founded Greenroom Communications, a Raleigh-based video production and marketing firm, with Kim and Penn Holderness (the XMAS Jammies Family). They worked with big brands like Target, Samsung, H&R Block and Chase Bank. At one point, they even had a reality show on UPtv. In 2016, Greenroom merged with Walk West to become a full-service digital marketing agency. There, Sharon is a Partner and Vice President of Professional Development where she leads media training, presentation/public speaking coaching, workplace communication and executive presence workshops for leaders at all levels of their careers. In 2018, Walk West debuted at No. 647 on Inc. Magazine’s 2018 list of fastest-growing private companies, the Inc. 5000, and was recognized as the fastest growing marketing agency in North Carolina. In addition, Sharon serves on the Telly Awards Judging Council, a national organization that honors excellence in video and television across all screens.

Sharon has been featured in numerous publications, including Sheryl Sandburg's Option B digital platform, Enterprising Women and co-author of the new book, Keep Going, Memoirs of Strength, Courage & Perseverance. In 2018, Sharon was nominated to be included in the inaugural KNOW Tribe Raleigh book, honoring the top businesswomen in the city. She then was selected for the Best of KNOW 2018 Book, recognizing the top professional women from across North America featured in the KNOW Tribe network.

Sharon was born in Nairobi, Kenya and spent her early years in East Africa attending schools in Kenya and Tanzania before moving to the United States. In addition to her television career, Sharon worked for the Department of Defense's U.S.O. program and traveled all over the Middle East, Mediterranean and Europe entertaining American troops as part of an all-girl group, The Florida Girls. Additionally, Sharon graduated from the New World School of the Arts in Miami and performed for a season with the Greater Miami Opera.

Sharon is very active in the community and serves on a number of Boards of Director and advisory committees for non-profit organizations in North Carolina. She’s married with three kids and during her free time, you’ll find Sharon planning their next family vacation. Ask her where her next trip is.


Empowering people, especially women, and helping them build their executive presence & amplify their voices so we can fill more C-Suites and boardrooms with female leaders. In addition, I'm very passionate about giving vilomahs a voice. That was the big idea I presented at TEDx Cary Women in December 2019, an opportunity to share with the world why bereaved parents need a name and a voice. Learn more here>>

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Best Story

The a-ha moment for our company is when one of our videos went viral with 10Million views in one week. It completely transformed our firm from a three-person operation to eleven in one year. The excitement and chaos provided so many learning opportunities in a really short amount of time. We're now up to 34 people on our team and love helping people, brands, and organizations tell their stories in impactful ways.

Origin Story

Born to Irish immigrants, Sharon has the gift of gab. You might need to tell her to take a breath to get a word in.
As a natural storyteller (see above), Sharon spent 20 years as an Emmy Award-winning television news journalist before starting her own agency. She's an obsessive fan of all things Florida State University, where Sharon got her degree in Communication with minors in Music and Theater. She also worked for the Department of Defense and traveled the world with the USO as part of an all-girl group, The Florida Girls. Racks up lots of mileage as a mom to two boys who busy themselves with wrestling matches, hip hop classes, and golf between epic games of Clue and Qwirkle.

Example talks

Communicating with Confidence and Impact

Whether you realize it or not, you give presentations every day. From a politician giving a speech at a podium to a professor explaining ISIS to her students, to a parent teaching his child how to tie his shoes – they all require some level of presentation skills. Communicating effectively is one of the most powerful tools any professional can have. The way you speak to someone one-on-one and in front of a group sets the foundation for how people perceive you. Do they take you seriously? Do you command their attention? Or does your vocal inflection or body language turn them off? Learn how to communicate with confidence and impact from Emmy Award-winning journalist and business owner Sharon Delaney McCloud.

Format: 45 to 60-minute keynote or breakout session. It also can be done virtually using Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts or other technology. This program is perfect for:
- Teams needing to improve internal and external communication
- Millenials needing to improve their soft skills
- Managers wanting to improve their speaking skills

The audience will leave with:
- Ways to create powerful messaging, whether it's an elevator speech or keynote address
- How body language and vocal delivery affect communication
- Steps to continue practicing techniques learned

Having a Voice, Not Merely a Seat at the Table: Powerful Strategies to Amplify Your Voice

In group settings, men are 75% more likely to speak up than women. And when a woman does speak up, it's statistically probable that her male counterparts will either interrupt her or speak over her. What does this mean? It means, even in the professional world today, if you're not ready to fight to be heard through ally-building strategies, your potential could be silenced. In this engaging, actionable session, Sharon will explore tactics and techniques to amplify your voice figuratively (and literally) and hone your message to make certain that your voice is heard - so that you truly have a voice, and not just a seat, at the table.

Format: 60-minute keynote or breakout session. It also can be done virtually using Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts or other technology. This program is perfect for:
Female leaders struggling to be heard by colleagues; Teams who strive to improve workplace communication; The audience will leave with:
Ways to amplify their voices, both figuratively and literally;
Message development tactics to strengthen their communication; Understanding how body language and vocal delivery affect their overall communication

TEDx Talk: How & Why You Should Talk to Bereaved Parents

We have a word for a woman whose husband dies (WIDOW), or a child whose parents die (ORPHAN), but what is the word for a parent whose child has died? In the touching and deeply personal talk, Sharon Delaney McCloud introduces us to the word "vilomah" and invites us all to help give a voice to those who experience this unimaginable loss.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxCaryWomen, an independent event.

Building Resilience in Times of Constant Challenges: A Playbook for Today's Woman

In these challenging times when our physical, mental and social well-being are tested continuously, it's crucial that we build a culture of resilience. For women, it's even more important. Research shows women carry even more responsibilities than ever before as breadwinners, mothers, caretakers, and homeschoolers. In this compelling narrative, Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and TEDx Speaker Sharon Delaney McCloud presents an inspirational and actionable playbook that you can use right away in your professional and personal lives.

- 10 steps to build resilience in the workplace and at home
- A deeper understanding of how to use grit and gratitude to overcome negative circumstances
- A different way to approach integrating your professional and personal responsibilities that align with who you are

Building Executive Presence for Women

Women make up 57% of college graduates and earn 63% of master's degrees in the United States. Yet female leadership in C-Suites, politics and elsewhere comes nowhere close. Why is that? In numerous surveys, top executives point to being perceived as leadership material as essential to being promoted into leadership positions. Aligning mindshare with the ability to command a room is the DNA of executive presence. In this high energy, interactive keynote, Sharon teaches the three key elements to build your executive presence, whether you're an emerging leader or looking to advance into the C-Suite.

Format: 45 - 60-minute breakout. It also can be done virtually using Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts or other technology. This program is perfect for:
Emerging leaders struggling with career advancement
Female leaders seeking the C-suite
High-potential millennials needing to improve soft skills

The audience will leave with:
Actionable strategies to build their executive presence
Learn why gravitas, communication, and appearance matter in today's business climate
How to continue working on communication skills