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Robyn is not your average communication expert. Her magnetic energy and transformative approach have left audiences captivated and inspired worldwide. With years of experience in unlocking the power of connection, Robyn empowers individuals to revolutionize their communication, drive engagement, and thrive in any professional setting. Get ready to be magnetized by Robyn's electrifying presence and unleash your true communication potential.


When she’s not speaking, training or coaching, you can find her tap dancing, doing yoga or singing off key to Motown.

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Best Story

Through networking in a generous way, I ended up on Good Morning America! It was all because I wanted to help, I followed through, I asked for what I wanted and I embraced my big goals. Here's the result.

Origin Story

Growing up, shyness was my shadow. So much so, I earned the nickname “Shy.” Though this was sometimes stifling; it was enlightening. It allowed me to observe, learn, and understand the nuances of communication, to see what worked and what didn’t.

Determined to overcome my “affliction”, I stepped out of my comfort zone in high school, auditioning for a play, and that step marked the beginning of my transformation. I became an actress, writer, and teacher, with each role teaching me more about expression, both spoken and unspoken.

While teaching English as a Second Language, I developed a passion for helping others break through communication barriers. Drawing from my experiences and observations, I created effective techniques to empower my students to communicate confidently. The success and impact of these techniques led me to work with the broader English-speaking population.

Since then, my pursuit of knowledge hasn’t stopped. I’ve enriched my skills, becoming a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and studying the neuroscience of communication intensively.

I love discovering new learning opportunities, a chance to refine and share my passion for communication. It's rewarding to guide others in their journey and witness their growth. So, let’s explore the world of communication together, learn from each other, and express ourselves more effectively.

Example talks

From Invisible to Invaluable - Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Ahead

Just like the ancient Golden Buddha hidden under clay for centuries, there is untapped brilliance within your organization. In this captivating keynote, immerse yourself in the journey of self-discovery and unleash the valuable potential that lies dormant in your teams and yourself.

"Invisible to Invaluable" is a transformative presentation that exposes the fears, biases, and resentments that veil hidden talents, hindering productivity, collaboration, and morale. Drawing from the captivating story of the Golden Buddha, participants are invited to embrace their value and step up to their full potential.

Using her revolutionary SUPER8 Formula*, renowned speaker Robyn takes participants on an investigative and empowering experience. Together, we will:

Investig8te what may be covering the golden talent within
Excav8te untapped or undervalued capabilities and skills
Communic8te your unique value with unwavering confidence
Radi8te charismatic presence when communicating
Advoc8te for yourself and others, fostering a culture of empowerment and support

Enrich and enlighten your experience by incorporating any of THE SUPER8s: Ide8te, Illumin8te, Motiv8te, and more. Unleash your true potential, embrace the power within, and become an invaluable asset to your organization.

Good for:
Emerging leaders, middle managers
Technical Professionals -
Engineers, IT professionals, Scientists, analysts

Opposites Attract - BUT not in Business - Become a Magnetic Leader

Prepare to unlock your leadership potential with Robyn's Magnetic Leadership Communication keynote. Whether you are an experienced leader or aspiring to lead, this transformative session will revolutionize your approach, empowering you to thrive in any environment.

Robyn's expertise in Inclusive Communication Unifiers (ICU) will provide participants with insights and techniques to captivate and persuade. Dive deep into the three Magnetic Leader Pillars and align your authenticity, create inclusive visibility, and practice radical recognition.

Aligned Authenticity teaches us to bring our "authentic selves" to work but also reminds us to align it with the circumstances, situation, and environment. Discover how authenticity can be a driving force in your leadership.

Inclusive Visibility delves into the importance of communication and leadership styles that allow everyone to feel seen, included, and eager to contribute. Learn strategies to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Radical Recognition is all about creating an environment where individuals feel valued and engaged, leading to increased commitment and productivity. Explore ways to recognize and appreciate the unique contributions of your team members.

Using her 3M Formula, Robyn will inspire, motivate, and ignite change. Uncover the power of a Magnetic Mindset, which goes beyond a growth mindset to draw people to you and shed habits that may push them away. Discover the art of magnetically persuading and motivating others by understanding their reasons and aligning your message to resonate with them.

In this keynote, all words are not created equal, and even when speaking the same language, misunderstandings can arise. Learn how to craft a magnetic message that attracts action and inspires collaboration.

How Are You Showing Up? - Discover, Develop, Communicate your Personal Brand

Does your bottom line depend on being able to turn prospects into profits?

“To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” – Tom Peters
Every day we’re called on to present ourselves. How do you show up? How do you stand out? How do prospects know how fabulous you are?

Robyn Hatcher, “recovering” actor & communication skills expert, believes everyone can learn to stand out. Forget the one-style-fits-all myth. Robyn will share with you how to accentuate your unique assets and mitigate your liabilities.

In this interactive program, Robyn will introduce you to the neuroscience of communication; share her creatively entertaining concept of ActorTypes and give you practical, actionable tips and techniques so you can shine leading a meeting, making a sale; interviewing, pitching or presenting.

You’ll leave knowing how to:
• Craft a compelling brand story & how to confidently share it.
• Exude confidence and presence through body-language, gestures, movement & vocal tone
• Leverage your communication style – your ActorType - and learn to make it work for you.