Kory M. Shrum

Title: Founder of Timberlane Press, USA TODAY bestselling author

Education: Austin Peay State University - Western Michigan University
East Lansing, MI, USA


Kory M. Shrum is the author of more than thirty books and the host of two podcasts, “Who Killed My Mother?” and “A Well Cared For Human.”

Before founding her own publishing imprint, Timberlane Press, she was an educator for more than ten years, teaching writing and communication courses to thousands of university students.

Now Kory is focused on busting self-care myths, empowering women to heal, and showing entrepreneurs how to chase dreams without losing themselves.

Her humorous and open-hearted speaking style is perfect for guiding others to connect with their resilience, vision, creativity, and joy.


Helping people discover who they really are and what they're capable of.

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Best Story

Spending the night locked in the trunk of a car...

Origin Story

By 2020, Kory had authored more than twenty books and was certain she would spend the rest of her life at home, in her pajamas, writing and eating snacks. She had worked hard to build her author business and was enjoying her days as a full-time author-entrepreneur.

But on July 4, 2020, her life took a dramatic turn when she received two phone calls. The first from her uncle, saying her mother had been found dead in her bedroom from an overdose. A second from a homicide detective saying he believed it was murder—and Kory's uncle was the suspect.

The investigation and experiences that followed forced me to confront a past long buried and uncover the truth about my family. Not only did I finally understand the interconnectedness of generational trauma, I came face-to-face with the real reasons I'd become such an ambitious and driven person, the full scope of the pain I was escaping.

I want to share these insights with others in hopes to inspire them to rebuild their relationships with themselves, a transformational process that will empower them, heal them, and change the trajectory of their lives--making what they once believed impossible, possible.

Example talks

A Well Cared for Human: A Blueprint for (Re)Building A Life You Love

Whether you’re recovering from a devastating loss, or simply longing for fulfillment, in her signature talk, Kory deconstructs the disempowering self-care myths that keep us stuck. Learn how to construct and sustain the four essential pillars of true wellness through a toolkit of transformative practices. Uncover your resilience and empower yourself to thrive in the face of any challenge.

Not Just for Artists: How Cultivating Creativity Can Transform Your Life

In this talk, Kory outlines the life-saving potential of creativity. Together you will explore the multifaceted nature of creativity, from problem-solving to self-expression, and how it can be wielded like a superpower in any area of your life—personal or professional. Learn how nurturing your creative spirit can equip you with hope, motivation, problem-solving skills, and a renewed sense of purpose.

You Only Get One Shot: Chase the Dream but Don’t Lose Yourself

Entrepreneurs work harder than most, often going above and beyond in order to see their dreams realized. In this talk, Kory delves into the delicate dance of ambition and fulfillment. Explore the art of goal setting and target hitting without losing yourself in the process. Learn how to maintain balance on the road to achievement, without sacrificing your well-being and joy along the way.