Judy Herman

Relationship Architect, Speaker, Workshop Presenter, Moderator, and Radical Psychotherapist at Judy's Professional Services

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Bryan College - Two Master's Degrees; Richmont University, Liberty University
Chattanooga, TN, USA


Change complaints into cooperation at home and in your organization

✓ Would you like to be courageously authentic with difficult people?

✓ Would you like a mindfulness leadership formula that helps you get there?

LEARN, LAUGH, & take in LIGHT-HEARTED stories with powerful life lessons from messy relationships.

Supporting women in business, Judy is :

✓ Among the 3 best relationship counselors in Chattanooga, TN
✓ Author of Top 10 finalist, "Beyond Messy Relationships"
✓ Podcast host of "Better Relationships, Better life"
✓ National Certified Counselor & Imago Therapist, trained in the Gottman Method

Personal details:

Her first career was raising four humans into adulthood in the midst of a troubled marriage.
Being saturated in relationships include 40 years of marital experiences to 2 husbands, (not at the same time), & 5 grandchildren.

Her vibrantly authentic leadership journey continues beyond the mental health industry after "losing" her second husband to mental illness.

Weekly podcast features relationship leaders in "Better Relationships, Better Life."

Her proprietary coaching program, speaking, & retreats, empower women in business, corporations & leadership to enhance their authentic journey. They develop mindfulness to learn, live, & lead with inspirational purpose, peace, & positivity.

She provides masterminds, keynotes, webinars & workshops for companies & women in business. Clinical & personal experiences enhance her leadership as an executive coach providing skills that inspire organizations & change family trees.

As author of Beyond Messy Relationships: Divine Invitations To Your Authentic Self," her credentials also include:

✓ National Certified Counselor

✓ TN - Licensed professional counselor-Mental health service provider

✓ GA - Licensed Professional Counselor

✓ Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Her training with world-renowned marriage & relationship experts include:

✓ Drs. John and Julie Gottman

✓ Dr. Harville Hendrix & Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt

✓ Terry Real, Dr. Sue Johnson, Dr. Dan Siegel

Speaker training includes:

✓ National Speaker's Association - Georgia Chapter

✓ Certified Les Brown Speaker

✓ Toast Master’s

✓ Certified through SCORRE Dynamic Communicators International

For fun & inspiration, she occasionally strums her guitar 🎸 by the campfire⛺️. She love international travel ✈️ along with hiking & practicing mindfulness with friends & family.


First of all, here's what you can expect from me:

✓ Professional replies to your phone calls and messages.

✓ A personal phone webcam consultation directly with me so I can better understand how to serve you and your audience.

✓ Announcements about your event on my social media channels and website. (assuming that your event is open to the public.)

✓ A professionally prepared, clear, and dynamically delivered presentation focused on the outcome you desire with your audience.

✓ A custom resource page, exclusively created for your attendees.

✓ A quick follow-up communication after the event to make sure I met your expectations and feedback for ways I can improve.

🎙 I love the energy of speaking online and live stages and captivating audiences. My "love tank" is filled when I hear someone randomly tell me, "Your speaking from years ago changed my life." Or some have said, "I remember when you said _________________ and I've never forgotten it."

My voice as a seasoned counselor/speaker, moderator, and facilitator continues to bring me even more depths of transformation as it does for those who hear. I'm energized to know that my life's experiences along with my professional career has a bigger impact than I imagined. It's exciting to be a part of helping others to know their dignity, value, and worthiness!

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Best Story

Most therapists who write books, write about the intense and dramatic stories of their clients. For me? I wrote my OWN intense and dramatic story.

I had to face the possibility that my clients would read my book and say to me, “And why are we seeing her as our therapist?”

My self-awareness increased. Growth was inevitable. It required risks of tough decisions.

I had to take deep breaths of A.I.R. . . Awareness, Intentions, and Risks.

This turning point made me realize. Many couples are not living together. They're dying together.

What will you choose? Your vibrantly authentic life is inside you waiting to be released. You ARE worth the journey! There's a bigger purpose beyond your present circumstances.

It's time you become your own advocate. It’s your very life we’re fighting for. We all need fresh A.I.R. - Awareness, Intentionality, and Risks of growth.

Opening up your awareness. . . your commitment to get out of a toxic relationship dance IS a tough decision.

Be of good courage. It takes many deep breaths of A.I.R.

Save yourself. Live your beautiful life to the fullest!

You are worth saving. You cannot do for others what only they can do for themselves.

And now, you have a choice. Cultivate the reality that you are worthy of dignity, love, and respect.

Origin Story

There were so many times that I believed that I could do the work of two people. I wanted so badly to make my marriages work .

I did all I could to minimize stress so as not to trigger my husband’s serious and delicate mental illness. I was seeing clients in my counseling practice while facing seasons of major trauma. And I was getting more and more exhausted, frustrated and scared.

Then something really bad happened. The doctor called from the psychiatric hospital and told me, “this is going to be a hard case.” Little did I know that a season of psychosis would result in a near death auto accident. And then years of more trauma. Which meant I couldn't relax and feel secure in my marriage. In fact, I was nearly a widow or a twice-divorced relationship therapist.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate. Among bigger concerns, I struggled with “imposter syndrome.” How could I counsel couples with my own marriage falling apart? But I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of becoming my vibrantly authentic and secure self.

Then I decided to take a huge risk and write my book, "Beyond Messy Relationships.” I included my own intense and dramatic story. At that point, everything changed!

I learned how to:

✓ Evolve beyond messy relationships with awareness that gave me clarity in my purpose.

✓ Intentionally create a peaceful and positive mindset for living my best life.

✓ Take risks of growth to co-create thriving relationships WITHOUT losing myself.

Because I discovered how to breathe fresh A.I.R. which is a simple and profound formula for resilience and growth. I’ve learned how to:

✓ Let go of what doesn't belong to me

✓ Put energy and time into becoming the highest essence of myself

✓ Equip others to breathe fresh A.I.R. (Awareness, Intentionality, and Risks of growth)

Now I'm living my dream of being vibrantly authentic and knowing my secure self. And I never have to worry about trying to do the work of two people ever again. And that's why I'm so passionate to tell others how to experience the security of being their vibrantly authentic selves.

Example talks

Vibrantly Authentic Leadership Beyond Messy Relationships

Presented as a breakout or keynote for Corporations, Associations, and Leadership Summits

This psycho-educational multi-media presentation includes lecture, guided meditation, role-play and short video clips. Participants gain skills from Judy's formula for wisdom and insight. By calming the nervous system through deep breaths of A.I.R. you become attuned to the acronym. Awareness, Intentionality, and Risks of growth.

Judy shows us what vibrant authenticity looks like beyond her own messy relationships. As a psychotherapist to high-level executives, she normalizes the struggle of our human journey.

The catalyst for writing her book, "Beyond Messy Relationships" was her former husband's second season of psychosis. Judy brings hope to participants along with practical applications. Presented in a high-energy and light-hearted way, some have said, this is even better than therapy! Although we'll include a disclaimer that it's not a substitute for professional counseling.

1. Describe and give practical examples for the acronym AIR.

2. Name the eight dances (relationship patterns) and identify your "natural" steps.

3. Name the five "normal" horsemen that keep us stuck in relationship messes and why peer support is essential.

This talk can be adapted for churches, retreats, and non-profit organizations

5 Tips for Navigating Relationships During COVID19: Transitioning with Vulnerability

This can be online, on stage, or in a workshop format.

Good leaders Listen

Dialogue for Well-being: The Art of Holding Tension in the midst of Differences

When Personal Crisis Hits: How to Survive and Thrive in the Midst of Helping Others

for leadership training


Demonstrate ability to apply coping strategies using the formula AIR, awareness, intentionality, and risk.
Gain skills for self-care as mental health counselors. (can be applied to other leadership positions in organizations)
Prepare to view crisis situations as “divine appointments” for authentic and personal growth.

Modeling Authenticity in the Counseling Room

This talk is designed for graduate level counseling programs. But it can be adapted to address other types of leadership training and coaching programs.

It’s challenging to have professional boundaries and show up authentically with clients. Is self-disclosure appropriate in some cases? Learn techniques, attitudes, warning signs, and mistakes to avoid. What was discussed:

A technique on how to align with both partners in couples’ counseling
One question to ask yourself when you’re drawn to self-disclosure
How to recognize your own reactivity and what to do about it in session

Divine Appointments Through Family Relationships

(for church events)
High energy multi-media 4-week series packed with practical tips on improving family relationships. Attendees learned how and why relationships are vital to physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being as well as a simple formula for turning difficult circumstances into divine appointments.

Week # 1 – What Every Relationship Needs No Matter What Generation You’re In
Week # 2 – What You Need To Avoid – The Four Horsemen Of Relationships
Week # 3 – How To Be a Sprinkler Instead of A Vacuum Cleaner – Being Emotionally Safe
Week # 4 – How to Meet God Through Another’s Differences, Even When They’re Way Off Base

How to Be Your Authentic Self in a Difficult Relationship

Your difficult relationship may be your mother-in-law, your significant other, your ex, or your spouse. This 90-minute teaching is packed with practical tools to give you clarity and skills to show up as the real you. You’ll be able to focus on what matters most.

You’ll learn how:

To recover from a regrettable incident.
To use the formula for clarity – AIR: Awareness, Intentionality, Risks
To know when it’s time to get outside help

Each participant will receive a signed copy of “Beyond Messy Relationships.”

Beyond Messy Relationships & Into Your Vibrantly Authentic Life

This moment in time is a divine invitation. And even though we are across the screen, I recognize that you are worthy of dignity, love, and respect.

This speech was my 10 minute segment in honor of International Women's Day. Along with 19 other women around the world, we are sharing our passion and messages of transformation.

I share a simple and profound formula that's transformed hundreds of my clients and has the potential for getting you into your vibrantly authentic life.

Just copy and paste this link to watch the 10 minute talk: https://youtu.be/ec2HFl8RCY0