Natasha Welcome

Education Consultant at Metamorphosis Education Consultants

Education Management

Education: University of the West Indies - University of South Wales
Piscataway, NJ, USA


Natasha Welcome M.Ed is an educator, speaker, researcher, and education consultant. She is the founder of Metamorphosis Education Consultants which manages school transformation. Her passion is English language acquisition and has served English Language Learners for over 20 years. She has taught English language learners from China, South Korea, Israel, Europe, and several Latin American countries, just to name a few. During her career as an educator, she spent 14 of those years at an International School. Her expertise in this area has emerged in her becoming a consultant to help the integration of English Language Learners in educational institutions.


The ability to speak life into individuals, situations and corporations to shift their prospective, which in turn evokes a freshness and 'aha' moment is the purpose of her talks. Her passion is to leave the attendees energized and motivated. As it relates to professional development, Natasha seeks to break down difficult concepts to simple lessons. She uses her teaching strategies garnered over 23 years as an educator to do this. When Natasha speaks to leaders during her coaching/ consulting sessions, her goal is to impart knowledge that is efficient and transferable to help their specific situation.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

Among speaking at conferences, ceremonies, professional Developments and consulting, a single speaking engagement is surfacing above them at this moment. Do I really have a device to adequately find my best story? Actually I do not. However, this speaking engagement may have stood out because of the intricacy and intimacy of the moment. I coached a principal of a special needs institution to attend a United Nations meeting, turns out to be one of my most memorable moments. The principal was called into a meeting to discuss the situations with her school and to explain their needs of her institution. The meeting was 48 hours away and she was not fully prepared for the meeting which caused her much anxiety. I was able to bring her to a place of competence where she was able to efficiently represent her school while maintaining her integrity and honesty. She left the United Nations meeting feeling like she adequately represented her school and was able to move forward with positivity.