Dr. Deborah "Dr. DJ" J.

CEO at The Writing Pad, LLC

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: B.A., Political Science, Old Dominion University - Master of Public Administration, Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, University of Phoenix
Atlanta, GA, USA


Dr. Deborah "Dr. DJ" Johnson-Blake is the CEO of The Writing Pad, LLC, a writing, editing, and consulting firm focusing on helping clients solve their writing and editing challenges. This tenacious and extroverted leader provides personal and professional development training and time management coaching. She is an award-winning assistant professor, dissertation research chair, and subject matter expert at Liberty University. She is a servant leader whose life's purpose is simply serving others.

She is honored to be the 2021 American Business Woman of the American Business Women's Association (ABWA) and a 2021 Top Ten Business Woman of ABWA. She is the immediate past ABWA Ambassador Steering Committee Rep, Publicity Co-Chair of the ABWA Atlanta Area Council, and a past president of the Douglas County Charter Chapter of ABWA.

Dr. Johnson-Blake serves on several boards and committees in the Douglas County community, including the Beyond the Front Porch and Douglas County Partners in Education as its Chair. She is a member of the Junior League of Douglas County and the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce. Dr. DJ is a Douglas County Chamber of Commerce Diplomat, its 2020 Diplomat of the Year, and the Celebrate HER 2022 Encourage Award recipient. She is a founding member of the National Council of Negro Women Northwest Georgia Section. She is the Parliamentarian for the Georgia Association for Women in Higher Education (GAWHE) and a member of the Georgia Continuing Education Association. She also is a board member of the Hospital Authority Board of Douglas County and the Wellstar Regional Health boards.

This self-proclaimed Time Management Diva is committed to helping people improve productivity and efficiency and is a leading authority on time management. She is a certified time management and life coach and best-selling author of 52 Time Management HACKS. On a Saturday, you might find Dr. DJ cooking a delicious meal or hosting a dance party to Chaka Khan's I Am Every Woman because living life on purpose is her mantra.

Follow Dr. Deborah Johnson-Blake on social at @djohnsonblake every Tuesday for time management tips. Visit www.deborahjohnsonblake.com or www.MeetDrDJ.com to order autographed copies of her books and learn ways she can help you become more time-efficient.

Visit www.deborahjohnsonblake.com or www.meetdrdj.com to order your autographed copy of her books and learn ways she can help you become more time-efficient.


The topic that puts a smile on my face is time management.

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Best Story

One of the interesting stories that I might share from the stage is when I went on strike as a new wife and mother to my 6-year-old stepson. Early in our marriage, my goal was to be a superwoman! I worked a full-time job, attended school pursuing my doctorate, and was a wife and mother. I also had a social life too! Actually, I had one foot in my married life and the other in my single life. My new family had high expectations and I was determined to meet them! Not only did I shop for the food, cook the food, but I served and plated the food. Of course, I attempted to do some chores, wash clothes, and clean the house. The one thing I told my new husband I did not do was yard work and windows. Well, one day I could not take it anymore! I told my family I was going on strike and felt unappreciated. My stepson was seven years old, and he asked me what he was supposed to do since he was a little kid. I told him that his day would take care of him just like before he met me. I put "on strike" signs around the house, including the refrigerator, stove, washer, and dryer. This lasted 2-3 days before my husband apologized and tried to butter me up. It worked! I was back to a similar routine, but the boy did his own laundry at eight years old and mowed the grass. My husband found it hard to get out of his old ways, but he took on washing his own clothes, that's it! Today, I still shop, cook, and occasionally make their plates. The boy is now 21 and still at home. Do I spoil him from time to time? Of course, I do! However, I still make time for myself and everything I like to do despite it all. Time management at its best, right! Happy life, happy wife!

Origin Story

While time management is critical to planning a productive day, many people who attempt to manage time and get more done each day often fail because they do not plan accordingly. I faced similar challenges as a paralegal before it came full circle in 1992 when I failed to file a personal injury legal complaint within a two-year statute of limitations. After allowing this mistake to haunt me for years, I eventually earned my Master of Public Administration and Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, presented my thesis, and defended my dissertation that focused on time management's impact on organizational success and leadership. As the CEO of The Writing Pad and the self-proclaimed, The Time Management Diva, and best-selling author, I help leaders and organizations learn effective time management techniques to be more productive and efficient time managers. Follow me on social media at djohnsonblake and visit my website at deborahjohnsonblake.com.

Example talks


My E.N.G.A.G.E. model will help the audience learn 6 effective strategies to stay in the game despite life's challenges. This process begins with being energized, exhaling, and engaging.


The audience will learn how to create more time in their day, manage goals, schedule more efficiently, prioritize, and manage emails.


The audience will learn how to create effective goals, manage complex tasks, and create a system that helps them be their best selves.


The audience will learn how to live their best lives simply by deploying 9 easy tips to remove barriers that impact their time.


The audience will learn how and when to say NO and develop an action plan to create more time for self.


The audience will learn how to develop an individualized plan based on assessing how they spend their time and being proactive in prioritizing goals.