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Monica Coleman

Professional Life Coach at A Journey To Become

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Chicago, IL, USA


Monica Coleman, Writer, Speaker, Certified for Professional Life Coaching through Transformation Academy. A Journey to become life Coaching published March 2021. Presented/Exhilarated Women's Conference at Mount Carmel Holiness church ,
Guest on OPTIMIZING YOUR BUSINESS TO RUN WITHOUT YOU podcast series with Host Shauna Wekherlien.


Life Coaching
Motivate, Encourage individuals

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

Everything is negotiable


mental health power wellbeing motivational self care motivation purpose

Best Story

Overcoming I'm not good enough

Origin Story

Through daily Journaling, Affirmations helped me to identify trigger points which allowed me to change my negative thought patterns . My life changed as a result of positive thoughts.

Example talks

Power of Choice

Our thoughts are a reflection of where we are today, Thoughts are powerful, Thoughts can control your emotions, feelings and actions. It's important that we monitor our inner thinking , Those thoughts will eventually become actions , We have the power to choose to change negative thought patterns, How do we change negative thought patterns ? very simple begin to speak opposite of what your thinking, Create a journal write down every thought by doing so you're able to identify what triggers your anger, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and so on. At the end of the day everything results back to our thoughts remember we have the power of Choice.