Maria Marcano

Burnout Recovery Coach, Keynote Speaker, Somatic Resilience and Nervous System Regulation Expert. at Wholistic Success Enterprise, LLC

Women Empowerment

Education: University of Central Florida, Polyvagal Institute, National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches, IFS Institute
Orlando, FL, USA


As a Somatic Burnout Recovery Coach, I work with individuals and organizations to create transformations for the healthy embodiment of achievement addressing chronic stress patterns and burnout in their nervous system. I focus on helping successful professionals operate at deeper levels with clarity and stress resilience so they can enjoy success without breaking their bodies and relationships in the process.

I was a corporate executive in charge of million-dollar accounts who lived life under stress from problem-solving, decision-making, and the rigors of managing people. This lifestyle that afforded me abundance and success became a dream that turned into a nightmare when I burned out and my body started to break. When I hit rock bottom I dedicated my life to reversing this silent monster that stole my energy and joy and helping others do the same.

I created a root-cause solution formula that has led to shifts in the lives of hundreds of people. After years of study and field research, I saw a gap: the need to focus on the nervous system and the unconscious survival mechanisms that make people burnout. With this approach, my clients can move from “going through the motions”, fatigue, and being overwhelmed to being in control of their stress response and deeply aware of their inner world. This goes beyond stress management. This is bio-psycho-social stress mastery that is developed within each individual according to their needs and personal story.


I'm passionate about somatic intelligence and reconnecting women to this source of wisdom. I love a woman who is finding her essence while leading others. I'm inspired by feminine leadership that is authentic and represents all the gifts that a woman can bring to the table from brains to intuition, emotional awareness, and community building in the cyclical and peacemaking way only a woman can provide.

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Best Story

One of my favorite stories is the full circle way I came to the somatic solution to burnout. It started with the body falling apart and it ended with the understanding of "the felt sense" a concept that refers to the physiological system we must use to discharge the overwhelming energy of stress and avoid damaging our physical and mental health.

I would have never gone down the proverbial "rabbit hole" if it wasn't for the fact that at age 33 I was diagnosed as pre-menopausal for no apparent reason ( stress speed aging to 46 years old hormonally!). At this point, the gossip in the company was that I had an eating disorder because I kept losing weight on top of my hair thinning, dark circles under my eyes, and becoming more "snappy". I was keeping it together and managing the largest accounts but my body was telling another story

I love to share how my body took matters into its hands when my professional mind and drive weren't going to slow down - and how, in spite of all the busyness I discovered the fountain of youth in my nervous system that brought the time clock back to the rhythm of nature.

This story is full of synchronicities and a lot of re-inventions. It had me going to doctors, studying nutrition, diving into yoga & mindfulness, seeing Indian gurus, and even traveling in "eat, pray love" style. I'd share how life showed me at the end that, like in the Wizard of Oz, the answer was always inside of me - in the mastering of the biology of my nervous system and brain patterns.

Origin Story

My coaching company started that one evening in 2011 when I stayed late at work, yet again, and summed up the courage to speak to the Director, another high-achieving woman. When I sat down in her office, and before I even opened my mouth she said "Don't do this to me". I don't know if I would have had the courage to resign if she hadn't read my mind. This moment lives in my heart because I understood then that she knew my pain and felt like she couldn't do anything to help. And the reason she knew my pain was that she was in the same if not more agonizing pain. As I did all I did to put all the parts of myself together and unlearn the programming I was taught to succeed I knew I had to go back and help the women that could not drop everything as I did. I needed to serve them so we could change the workspace for other women and lead the way for generations of brilliant girls to come.