Bella Rushi

Innovation Management Consultant/ Author/ Speaker at Symmetri Consulting

Consumer Goods

Education: Drexel University - MS Integrated Marketing Communication Northwestern University
Philadelphia, PA, USA


Bella is the founder of Symmetri Consulting LLC. Our firm helps companies challenged with the project selection process to increase ROI, market speed and reduce R&D cost. Bella has diverse knowledge and experience in sciences, supply chain management, marketing, regulatory and innovation strategy. Bella is inspired by finding new ways to serve business leaders to help make an impact to our society and globe.


I enjoying going for walks, working out, reading books, and meeting new people all over the world.
Learning is my biggest passion!

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Best Story

The best story I've shared with a client is to ask them to think about innovation from the view of the stock market. What are you investing in now that will help you grow long term with high profits and less uncertainty? Innovation is an option for everyone.

Origin Story

I am a microbiologist who uses a science discipline in areas of supply chain, regulatory, marketing, market strategy and innovation strategy for new product/ service development.
I've more than 20+ experience from corporate, advertising company and as a consultant with industries in the B2C and B2B space. Today, I work with diverse industries, including Fortune 500 companies to help them embed best innovation management practices.

Example talks

Entrepreneurial Strategy and Innovation Alignment - The missing link between ideas and value creation

The talk will discuss the following:
- structure your mindset – how to be opportunity focused vs issues focused
-how to convert good ideas to realize and capture value
-overcoming challenges- creating alternative paths
-align elements and create go-to-market strategy
-Integrated framework applying strategy in systematic way