Annie M.

Keynote Speaker-Award winning Author at AM Speaking and Consulting

Motivational/Self Development

Education: CLC - Certified Life Coach - CSP- Certified Speaking Professional
Fort Myers, FL, USA


Annie Meehan is a professional keynote speaker that inspires, educates, and activates
her audiences with her clear message that spurs listeners to break counterproductive
patterns and be the exception! As a widely embraced international speaker, she has
helped legions transform themselves from a life of ‘muddling along’ to one of sustained
focus that showcases success after success. As an expert on living an exceptional life,
Meehan is the catalyst to motivate you to obliterate any and all roadblocks that stand in
your way. Her countless testimonials reveal the “wow” factor that she creates at every
presentation, which in turn catapults participants to adopt the practical tools she
champions for more impactful lives both personally and professionally.
As a keynote speaker, she has presented to countless corporations, associations, and
non-profit organizations, providing actionable strategies to strategically manage
change, recognize the enormous power of words, and eliminate long-held excuses that
keep people from attaining their goals. Her passion and charismatic essence engage
people in new and exciting ways, which ignites people to seize a more focused and
fulfilled path forward to obtain greater meaning and success.
Prior to becoming a professional keynote speaker, Meehan worked for a financial
investment company for nine years, where she compiled five promotions in a maledominated workplace. After leaving the corporate arena, she ventured into the
entrepreneurial realm where she owned and operated two fitness franchise locations for
twelve years and built a successful direct sales team. It was then that Meehan began
touting her message of the importance of health and wellness. She is a National
Speakers Association (NSA) member and past president of the NSA’s Minnesota chapter.
She has earned the highest distinction as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and is
now a National Speakers Association Hall of Fame inductee.
An author of six personal development books, her work includes the award-winning Be
The Exception. One of her books, The Pineapple Principle, offers hospitality and a sweet
journey to an exceptional customer experience. Today, her passion is to share her "H3
Cultures" concept with companies to help them create a Hopeful, Healthy, and Happy
workplace that retains an engaged workforce!
Meehan has three adult children and lives in Fort Myers Beach, FL with her husband. She
loves volunteering in her community, traveling with her family, and walking (or being
walked) with her two dogs, Peanut and Leo!


My passions are helping people live their lives by choice and take care of themselves. You believe that everyone should have the power to make decisions about their own lives and take the necessary steps to prioritize their health and wellbeing. You are passionate about spreading this message to others and helping them understand the importance of self-care.

You also have a deep love for travel, family, and friends. You believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and you are always looking for new experiences and adventures to share with those closest to you. You find joy in exploring new places, trying new foods, and meeting new people.

When it comes to helping people live by choice, you believe that it starts with empowering individuals to take control of their lives. You encourage others to identify their goals and values and make decisions based on what is most important to them. You believe that everyone has the potential to create a life they love, and you are passionate about helping people tap into that potential.

In addition to helping others, you also prioritize your own self-care. You know that in order to be the best version of yourself, you need to take care of your own physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. This means making time for exercise, getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness, and doing activities that bring you joy.

Your passion for travel, family, and friends is also an important part of your life. You believe that these connections are what make life worth living, and you make it a priority to spend quality time with those you care about. Whether it's taking a trip to a new city, enjoying a family dinner, or simply catching up with friends over coffee, you believe that these moments are what make life meaningful.

Overall, your passion for helping people live by choice and your love for travel, family, and friends are both deeply rooted in your desire to create a life that is fulfilling and joyful. You believe that everyone has the power to create their own happiness, and you are dedicated to helping others tap into that power and live their best lives

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Best Story

Growing up in a hoarder home was a difficult experience for me. My family's home was filled with clutter and chaos, and it was hard to find peace or joy in that environment. However, I refused to let my circumstances define me. I worked hard to rise above my situation and create a better life for myself.

One of my proudest moments came when I appeared as a guest on the Oprah show. This experience was life-changing for me. I was able to share my story with millions of viewers, and it inspired me to keep working towards my dreams.

I also have a personal story that I call "Dumpster to Dynasty." This is a story of transformation and perseverance. I started with nothing, but I worked hard to build a successful business and a happy life. I believe that this story can inspire others who may be facing their own challenges.

Another story that is dear to my heart is about my angel food cake. Finding cake in a dumpster that we lived on for weeks which was a season of sadness became a reminder that angels were with us even in the hardest and most desperate of times.

Most recently we survived 22 hours in our laundry room as Hurricane IAN hit our home. Homeless again in my 50's for 4 months. Life is all about weathering the storms we walk through, survive and become who I am meant to be, so I can serve others.

Overall, I am proud of the stories that make up my life. I believe that each experience has taught me something valuable and has helped me become the person I am today. I am still living and creating my greatest story yet each day that passes, and I hope to continue inspiring others to do the same.

Origin Story

"I've faced many obstacles on my journey to becoming the exception. I climbed the ladder in the male-dominated financial world, earning five promotions in nine years before retiring from US Bank at the age of 30. As a mother of three, I then pivoted to the fitness industry and successfully built, grew, and sold two gyms.

My passion for wellness and public speaking led me to speak on communication, Productivity and wellness in small business, which eventually led me to become a professional speaker. I'm proud to have earned my Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation and to have written seven books, three workbooks, and an online course.

Today, I travel all over the world, speaking in person over 100 times a year. It's my perfect world, and I feel incredibly grateful for the journey that has led me here. I believe that everyone has the power to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams, and I'm passionate about sharing my story to inspire others to do the same."

Example talks

Choosing Change when Change is Challenging

Too break cycles and rewrite stories we have question the narrative and challenges we have faced personally and in our career as a business owner

Weathering the Storm | New as of 2023

Devastating storms have been cycling through our economy, healthcare system, businesses, and our families the past three years, disrupting everything we once thought we could count on. But the truth is, storms of this size weren’t just created overnight… Many of us have been caught-up in a whirl-wind for a while now. Weathering the Storms is a presentation about personal and professional resilience, and the steps you and your team can take to persevere through the eye of the storm with hope, a plan, and Annie’s actionable steps on the other side.

Be the Exception | 7 Lessons From Her Award-Winning Book

Comparisons, labels, and shattered confidence. These self-defeating messages are so commonly found in our day-to-day inner dialogue; keeping us from being exceptional! Annie’s story of resilience and overcoming life’s circumstances has allowed her to escape the cycle of negativity and transform into the successful influencer she is today. In this speaking series, she will teach you seven critical steps to transform into an authentic and confident leader. This speaking series includes:

Be an Exceptional Leader | Leading a Life of Impact
Exceptional Goal Setting | Mapping Out the Ride of a Lifetime

H3 Culture | Hope, Health, and Happiness in the Workplace

Implementing a H3 Culture infuses Hope, Health, and Happiness into your work environment whether that’s with a team or a solo venture. Instilling H3 helps those of us that struggle with the unknowns, feel disconnected after transitioning to working remote, or are a siloed solopreneur with little to no external engagement. These are common-day challenges of a modern-day workplace that can make us feel depressed, lonely, anxious, or even like an imposter in our professional role. H3 teaches strategies to strengthen culture, maintain employee retention, cultivate engagement, and improve mental health.