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Lisa Duerre is a visionary leader and renowned expert in leadership development, workplace culture transformation, and burnout prevention. With over two decades of executive experience in Silicon Valley, she champions inclusivity, belonging, and well-being in every facet of her work at RLD Group. As CEO and co-founder, Lisa guides tech companies to sustainable success through tailored consulting, impactful coaching, and inspirational speaking engagements. Her mission is clear: empower leaders to create workplaces that work for all.

Lisa's unique perspective as a lipedema advocate propels her to the forefront of conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Featured by leading media outlets and as host of Ctrl+Alt+Delete with Lisa Duerre™, a top technical leadership podcast, she shares invaluable insights on modern leadership. Lisa's vision, empathy, and authenticity drive positive change, promoting well-being and unlocking limitless possibilities.

Whether delivering keynotes, coaching executives, or facilitating workshops, Lisa brings expertise to empower organizations. Her mission is to foster environments where individuals thrive authentically. With a focus on vision, empathy, and authenticity, Lisa Duerre is reshaping the future of leadership, one empowered organization at a time.


Women in Tech
Eradicating Burnout
Disability Rights and Inclusion
Lipedema and Lymphedema Awareness
Women’s Heath
Fat bias at work

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Example talks

Breaking Down Workplace Fat Bias: Living and Leading with Lipedema

Embark on a transformative journey with Lisa Duerre, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of RLD Group, a pioneering Woman-Owned Leadership Consulting Firm renowned for reshaping workplace dynamics through leadership development. Lisa's narrative, enriched by her ascent in Fortune 500 tech companies and her personal journey of living with lipedema, serves as a powerful beacon of leadership and empowerment.

In this interactive keynote experience, Lisa intertwines leadership, resilience, and self-discovery. Through a dynamic blend of insight-sharing and interactive engagement, attendees will gain actionable strategies to cultivate inclusive and thriving workplaces. Lisa's unique approach transcends traditional keynotes, sparking conversations, inspiring change, and empowering participants to drive transformation within their organizations.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the economic impact of fat bias at work and why it matters to the audience, the lipedema community, and the world.
Gain clarity on what bias informs your workplace culture and policy and gain insight into RLD Groups FRIM leadership antidote.
Create an action plan and personal talking points/scripts to inspire action back at work.

Don't miss this unforgettable journey into leadership, resilience, and culture creation, focusing on three vital areas: Embracing Inclusivity and Flexibility, FIRM (Flexible, Intuitive, Resilient, and Mindful) Leadership, and Breaking Down Fat Bias in the Workforce.

BANI Changed the Game: Permacrisis Leadership Requires More Than Technical Skills

The skills needed to lead in and navigate the workplace go beyond coding languages or cloud architecture. BANI (brittle, anxious, non-linear, and incomprehensible) conditions have resulted in a permacrisis for leaders and their organizations. Join us for an interactive workshop experience with Lisa Duerre, a Silicon Valley insider and strategist, and learn what it takes to be an effective leader. She’ll show you how to attack common BANI workplace villains such as anxiety, impostor syndrome, burnout, and more. You’ll leave with valuable insights, leadership tools, and your own action plan to thrive.

Top Three Villains Leaders In Tech Face Every Day (And What Superpowers You Need for Victory)

Rising, brilliant minds in virtually every type of tech are disappearing, and no one knows who’s next. The culprits? Three of the most sinister, brazen villains lurking in our lives, just waiting to bring down leaders in tech. Heroes need to activate their superpowers to defeat these villains.

In this “BAM-POW-WHAM!” talk, Lisa Duerre shares from her 25-year track record of helping executives in some of the top tech companies in the world identify and activate their superpowers. You’ll unmask the three villains haunting leaders in tech today, find the villains’ secret hiding spots in your life and company, and know which superpowers you can use to find peace and safety again.

Wanted: Freedom for Overburdened Overachievers Drowning In Stress

"I’m too busy to figure out how not to be too busy!” If that sounds familiar, there’s hope for you. Lisa Duerre invites you to rebuild your mindset, tactics, and communication skills so you can make a meaningful impact at work and in life.

Who needs this message? This is for the executive getting squeezed to death by their schedule, the entrepreneur missing their kid’s birthday party… again, and the tech leader on the fast track to burnout, despair, and depression. This is the formula to shake awake and live the life you desire.

This Is Your Goal-Smashing, Relationship-Relishing, Right-Between-the-Eyes Wakeup Call (With Love)

Imagine having a retirement party without any of your family. That’s the reality many tech leaders face because they chose revenue over relationships. Spoiler alert: that choice is jam-packed with regrets. Here’s the secret: you don’t have to choose revenue over relationships to make an impact.

In this powerful talk, Lisa Duerre shares her 25-year journey as a highly regarded Silicon Valley executive who became a new mom at the tender age of 43. She shares regrets, wishes, missed goals, and even insider secrets from some of the top minds in tech about what they wish they did differently. This is your wake-up call and inspiration to create a life and career you will love celebrating!

Kicking XaaS in a BANI World: The 4 Essential Superpowers Every Tech Company Needs to Vanquish Employee Burnout and Drive Profitability

One out of every four U.S.-based employees quit their job in 2021. Over 70% of tech workers in the U.S. are thinking about leaving their current employer in the next year. Tech companies that don’t rapidly evolve from a VUCA past to a BANI reality will be on the fast track to extinction. Ye have been warned!

Join Silicon Valley Insider and Strategist Lisa Duerre - CEO and Co-Founder of RLD Group - for this high-octane session that doesn’t mince words or pull punches. Lisa has operated from the trenches to the boardrooms of tech giants and leading innovators. For over five years, RLD Group’s client list features top tech firms in renewable energy, cybersecurity, chip innovation, transportation, communications, Saas, and numerous others.

In this status quo-busting talk, Lisa will share just-in-time insights on:

The surprising fallacy embedded in the VUCA-driven leadership model

The three ‘hiding in plain sight warning signs your current top talent is may be plotting their exit (and what to do about it)

The two most critical actions leaders can take in the next 60 days to maintain momentum in the face of relentless disruption.

The proven, easy-to-implement framework any organization can leverage immediately to vanquish burnout, turbocharge profitability, and truly kick XasS in the new BANI reality

This must-attend session is custom-crafted for C-Suite executives, business unit leaders, and founders of hyper-growth gazelles who are serious about creating - and maintaining - an immediate competitive advantage.