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Mary Beth Simon

CEO at Niche Partnership Consulting

Financial Services and Wealth Management

Education: Lock Haven University
Philadelphia, PA, USA


CEO of Niche Partnership Consulting, an organization dedicated to transforming individual, family, and business owner preparedness for the unexpected, Mary Beth Simón has the unique ability to translate complexity into clarity.

With 30+ years of experience at the prestigious Vanguard organization, Mary Beth led complex enterprise-wide programs delivering people, process, and technology projects.

Today, individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and small business owners from a wide range of disciplines hire Mary Beth to teach them how to create sound contingency plans that prepare them and their second-in-command for the unexpected.

An engaging and sought-after speaker, she shares personal and business contingency planning secrets through illuminating keynote addresses and life-changing workshops.

She believes that the combination of continuous learning, growth, and change is the fountain of youth and became a certified Les Mills BodyFlow instructor at age 55.

Mary Beth is a rescue dog-mom, serves on the Board of the American Business Women’s Association – Penn Square Chapter in Lancaster, PA, and as a Subject Matter Expert with SCORE, Chester, and Delaware Counties in PA.


My passion is creating clarity in the face of confusion. What lights me up is teaching people and business owners techniques that transform feelings of overwhelm to empowerment. Complex business processes may be intentionally filled with friction because it dissuades consumers from receiving the benefits and money they are due. Nothing makes me happier than to teach people how to access what is rightfully theirs.

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Best Story

My friend was dying from pancreatic cancer. She asked me if I would help her husband navigate the finances if she didn’t survive. At first, I was taken aback, but then I realized she was right: she needed to ensure he had support. You see, she managed all the finances and investing.

The same thing applies to us. What would happen in your family or business if you were unexpectedly unreachable because of an accident, illness, or emergency - whether for a week, a month, or even longer?

Who is prepared to keep your business and financial life running smoothly? Do they have access to the information they would need?

Origin Story

My mission is to minimize the suffering and prevent someone from experiencing added pain and struggle during already difficult times.

My own painful experience inspired me to help you create a plan that gives you peace of mind. I want to help you teach those who depend on you so that they are prepared. It's never too soon to ensure they are ready to step in during an emergency.

I was preparing to retire from my corporate career when one of my closest friends was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While she was battling for her life, she asked me to help her husband with the finances if she didn't survive. She managed the investments and finances. I asked her to show me what I needed to know, but that never happened. She passed away, and I had to create a plan from scratch then figure out how to implement it to help her grieving husband.

This is why I created NPC. My unique methodology prepares clients' second-in-command to implement the complex processes, policies, and paperwork that have become second nature for my clients.

Example talks

Struggle to Strength: How Childhood Trauma Shows Up As Strength In the Workplace

During this TED-style talk, the audience joins Mary Beth for a journey of discovery that traces how childhood challenges can inspire strength that shows up in the workplace.

Audience takeaways:

→ Realize how personal reflection and storytelling can transform your perception.
→ Experience how all humans are unified in having endured struggle.
→ Identify what strengths you have developed as a result of the challenges you've weathered.
→ Celebrate how your history has made you powerful.

This TED-Style talk is approximately 20 minutes and can be delivered in person or virtually.

Create Your Contingency Plan & Business Continuance Playbook

During this event, the audience creates the foundation of their contingency plan.

Audience takeaways:

→ Guided presentation to learn how to create your contingency plan.
→ Learn the A.W.A.R.E contingency planning framework for your personal life and business.
→ Receive tools to create your own password book.
→ Learn the C.O.P.E. business continuance playbook framework.
→ Assess who is the best person to be your second in command. Learn how to train them to succeed in an emergency.
→ Understand why you want to use a system to inventory your benefits, financial information, bills, passwords, essential personal documents, and more.
→ Prepare to take the most meaningful next steps to create your contingency plan and business continuance playbook.

In-person fireside chats, training, and workshops range from 60 - 120 minutes, and the fee starts at $1,000.

This talk can be delivered virtually or in person, in workshop, training, and fireside chat formats. This talk can be delivered in 60 to 120-minutes.

Keep Your Business & Life Running Smoothly In An Emergency

In this interactive session, you'll learn my AWARE framework for creating your contingency plan for your personal life and business and my COPE framework for business owners to create your Business Continuance Playbook.

→ Participants begin to identify gaps in their estate and contingency plans. This awareness inspires most people to close those gaps in the following weeks, making individuals, families, businesses, and communities more prepared and resilient.

→ Participants leave the session with a tangible roadmap for creating contingency plans using an innovative and proven process. What holds people back is not knowing how or where to begin. This session provides that critical information that helps people take action.

→ Participants gain an appreciation for the challenges created for families and businesses when faced with an emergency. This presentation provides examples, stories, and context for people to open the lines of communication to discuss what can be a difficult topic to broach. Giving people the tools to have these crucial conversations improves connectedness in families, businesses, and communities.

→ Attendees learn three steps to take in the following week to begin creating their contingency plan. These are essential steps for every adult to take. Everyone who hears them knows that they need to address at least one or all three to better prepare their family and business for the unexpected.

→ One of the biggest takeaways is awareness. Contingency planning goes beyond estate planning, and it’s a topic that is not discussed often enough. When someone becomes aware of the concepts, they usually become more prepared, even if they are small.

This talk is between 60 and 90 minutes and is ideal for entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners.

Contingency Plans Are No Longer Optional, Personally or Professionally

Learn 5 key dimensions to start your journey creating effective contingency plans for your business and life.

Audience takeaways:

→Learn the A.W.A.R.E. framework to understand the five levels of contingency plan preparedness.
→Master concepts reinforced with case studies and personal stories.
→Prioritize your personalized action plan.
→Realize the complexity of your legal, financial, and benefits landscape.

Keynote talk length is customized for your audience (45 to 90 minutes). This talk is ideal for membership organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and audiences with personal and professional interests in planning for the unexpected.