Lorraine Lee

Title: Top-Rated Virtual Speaker | Instructor @ LinkedIn Learning, Stanford Continuing Studies | 300,000+ LinkedIn Followers

Information Technology and Services

Education: Northwestern University (Medill)
San Francisco, CA, USA


Lorraine is a top-rated global keynote speaker, a consultant, and an instructor for Stanford Continuing Studies and LinkedIn Learning. She has 300,000+ LinkedIn followers and 10+ years of experience leading editorial teams at top tech firms.

Lorraine has been invited to speak to companies including Zoom, Cisco, Atlassian, Amazon, and McKinsey and Company. Her passion lies in teaching organizations and teams how to stand out and supercharge their professional presence. She covers a wide range of topics including creating engaging virtual presentations, building your presence on LinkedIn, standing out on video, leading remote and distributed teams that thrive, and designing impactful virtual and hybrid meetings.

She was named a Top Virtual Speaker by ReadWrite and was a finalist for "Global Conference Speaker of the Year" by WomenTech. She was also named a top 15 LinkedIn Expert in San Francisco by Influence Digest and was a finalist for "Content Marketer of the Year" for the Women in Content Marketing Awards.

Before starting her own company, Lorraine led editorial teams at companies including Prezi, SlideShare, and LinkedIn. She was a founding editor at each of these companies, where she collaborated with top business leaders and launched products including LinkedIn Daily Rundown and LinkedIn Newsletters. Lorraine has been featured in publications including Inc., ReadWrite, and Entrepreneur, and is a guest on many podcasts.

She received her BSJ from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and currently resides in San Francisco.


helping ambitious professionals stand out and supercharge their professional presence — meaning HOW they come across to others and WHERE others come across them. When you supercharge your professional presence, you rise to become more recognized, influential, successful, and empowered.

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Best Story

Watch a short clip sharing my story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ySau3uqqSk&t=6s

Origin Story

I was a journalism major who knew I didn't want to do traditional journalism. I landed my first job at a startup in Silicon Valley founded by one of the first 10 employees doing marketing/PR, and then later joined SlideShare (acquired by LinkedIn) and then a few years later, LinkedIn. I had no idea editorial roles in tech were a thing when I graduated, but I'm so happy I've found my niche. Over the last 9+ years, I found my passion leading editorial teams and building editorial strategies across both established tech companies and startups. I'm now a solopreneur - speaking, consulting, and teaching at LinkedIn Learning and Stanford Continuing Studies.

Example talks

How To Build Influence at Work

Building influence feels tougher than ever these days with so many distractions grabbing others’ attention. We need to juggle building relationships both in-person and virtually, while delivering results with fewer resources.

The solution? Harnessing your influence. Influence has the power to help us get promoted, become more trusted and recognized, and be seen as a leader who moves work forward.

Follow the simple but highly impactful RAVE Model to increase and strengthen your influence in the workplace. After the session, you’ll be able to immediately implement actionable advice for key areas of influence at work.

Learn from Lorraine K. Lee, a leader at the intersection of editorial and tech, a top-rated virtual keynote speaker, and a 11x-LinkedIn Learning Instructor, who brings 10+ years of experience from companies including LinkedIn, SlideShare, and Prezi.

How to build visibility on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is much more than a job search site. But with more than 774 million members and a growing pool of new features, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to stand out. If you want to build your brand, attract recruiters, and grow your career, it’s time to learn how to take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer.

In this virtual presentation, you’ll learn:

*How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

*Best practices for sharing content

*Techniques to build credibility on the platform

How to build remote teams that thrive

It’s business unusual. While leaders are thriving, the same can’t be said for their teams. Many workers are burned out, and it can be harder to find connection when business is conducted over video. What can leaders do to ensure that their teams not only survive, but thrive?

In this virtual presentation, you’ll learn:

*Best remote hiring practices to set your team up for success from the start

*Ideas and creative ways to onboard your team quickly and effectively

*The importance of meetings and continuous feedback — and how they can be optimized

*Team dynamics and the ingredients that go into creating a cohesive, impactful team