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Author, Speaker, Coach, Attorney at Lynn Catalano Speaks

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Boston University - State University at Buffalo School of Law
Buffalo, NY, USA


An author, speaker, coach, attorney, and survivor of narcissistic abuse, who helps people reframe their thinking in every aspect of their lives; from the workplace to their personal life, becoming an agent of change.

One of the greatest skills a person can develop is the ability to navigate difficult people. Lynn helps people learn to identify toxic relationships and gives them the tools to overcome these relationships. Your emotional intelligence is the key to building better, healthier relationships. Lynn will explore how to make emotional intelligence part of your everyday practice and learn how it benefits all of our relationships, teamwork, and collaboration. Lynn also teaches groups how to read the room, how to build rapport, and acclimate quickly in any situation.

Lynn helps people identify, deal with, and recover from narcissistic abuse through her online mini-training and 1:1 coaching. As a Narcissistic Abuse Coach. I help people begin their healing journey. The more you know, the easier it will be to avoid them.

Lynn is an international speaker, sharing stages in South Africa, Berlin, and the United States. She has spoken to audiences large and small. Lynn has also addressed many team educational days at various organizations and companies.

Lynn is the author of the book “Wrecking Ball Relationships: How to Identify, Live With or Leave the Narcissist in Your Life,” available now on Amazon.

Lynn lives in Western New York along the Canadian border with her husband, 2 daughters, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a 16-year-old turtle. Lynn loves to travel, hunt for antiques, watch movies and play word games.


I love helping people identify the toxic relationships in their lives and learn how to overcome them. It's very gratifying to give people the confidence and the skills to discover healthy relationships exist.

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Best Story

My mother was just buried a few days ago. I’m in the car with my father as he drives, still trying to process her sudden death and the ramifications. Everything is different. It just can’t be real. I felt like I was living in an alternate universe somehow. It’s a beautiful, sunny, August day. I can’t remember where we were going. My mother’s funeral was packed with people, it was standing room only. It was held at our longtime synagogue. At least 300 people came to pay their respects to her and all of us.

My father cocks his head and abruptly says, “I just don’t know where you’ll hold my funeral. If that many people showed up for mom, I can’t imagine how big a place you’ll need for me.”

What? Was I being punk’d? Was this grief talking? Where did this come from?

I share stories about how I discovered my father was a narcissist after my mother's sudden death. It was shocking and I felt lost and confused. My experience has helped me help others.

Origin Story

I love sharing stories of great relationships and toxic people. Once you know how to identify a toxic relationship, you are more prepared and ready to build healthy relationships! Turn your pain into power!