Raimonda Jankunaite

Visibility Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, Professional Trainer at Women in Business Club / Women Thrive Media

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Business Management at University of Westminster - Graduate Diploma in Law and BPP
London, UK


Raimonda Jankunaite is serial entrepreneur, speaker trainer, visibility coach and the founder of Women in Business Club and Women Thrive media platform that empowers and spotlights women in entrepreneurship. As a self-starter serial entrepreneur of over 10 years, she has accomplished global scale success in building a women empowerment platform of over 600k followers, inspiring and educating women on how to start and build a successful business online.

Through her extensive work with events, Raimonda has trained 100’s of speakers and business owners in the power of a personal brand, thought leadership, visibility and public speaking. Over the last 5 years Raimonda delivered over 500 hours of training, have been featured on global scale summits, co-authored two best-selling books, hosted numerous events for Mr Les Brown and trained over 300 speakers through her speaker’s academy.

As someone who has lost her voice and sense of identity in her mid 20’s due to trauma, Raimonda is now passionate about empowering others to use the power of their voice and have the confidence to stand out and become sought-after thought leaders in their industry. She now trains business leaders, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and coaches in personal branding, thought leadership, public speaking and authority building.

Originally from Lithuania, Raimonda was once an immigrant in the UK, having learnt the language and obtained two degrees in Business Management and Law, she has a great sense of just what it takes to overcome obstacles in life whilst having an unbreakable self-belief to start number of businesses and build a global community and a team. She strongly champions diversity and inclusion, equity and women empowerment.

Prior to becoming a speaker and thought leader in business and entrepreneurship, Raimonda was actively involved in the London Technology sector, working as an associate business consultant and advisor to companies looking grow and scale their businesses and raise capital.


I feel truly passionate about women's empowerment, diversity and inclusion and helping others become the best and most confident version of themselves. Having been through my own personal challenges, I can empathise with various challenges that people face.

Over the last 5 years, I have hosted many international events, empowering people and especially women to become speakers. This experience helped me connect with a wide range of people, hear their personal stories and see them come to life through the power of public speaking.

I believe that every person, entrepreneurial or not should be confident in their own skin, embrace their unique stories, accept their past mistakes, and use the power of their voice to speak their truth. One of my key values is freedom, and freedom starts from within. Too many people are afraid to show up as their true and authentic selves, therefore neglecting the world of our greatness.

My mission in life is to empower people to become the best version of themselves that in turn reaps rewards in business and life.

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Best Story

I have stories for various objectives, many already mentioned in the origin story of being a young immigrant girl in the UK, speaking no English and achieving more than I ever thought was possible.

Achieved great success in my business through building a thriving international community, undertaking work in women empowerment when I did not feel empowered or supported myself. Overcoming doubt and fear, as well as criticism from others. Facing failure, becoming unemployable but yet finding my way through it.

I am able to adapt my origin story and many mini-stories based on the audience and the desired outcome.

My Talk topics:
- How to build your personal brand and become the most sought-after expert in your field
- How to become a professional speaker and elevate your authority
- Why thought leadership is important for visionary CEO'S
- Empowering women in a workplace
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation in business
- Thriving Community – the secret to building brand evangelists
- How to build unbreakable self-belief and confidence to succeed
- The Power of Your Story
- What makes you different – the 3 secrets to market domination
- Why do businesses need to have a global vision and local appeal in order to thrive
- Why diversity is the key to long-term business success
- How to build a diverse global community and turn your followers into brand champions
- How to turn your vision into a global business
- Why thought leadership is important for visionary CEO'S

Origin Story

As someone who has overcome personal obstacles, such as becoming an immigrant in the UK, and arriving from Lithuania when I was just 13 years old. Starting my first job at the age of 14 due to not having access to education. Not speak the language and never even dream of finishing high school, let alone a business degree or Law School. In my early 20's I proved myself wrong, and achieved great success in education and professional development.

At the age of 21 I founded my first business in sustainability and water, which at the time was an innovative solution to reducing plastic waste. Not only did I have the confidence to build a prototype vending machine, and partner up with manufacturers and international suppliers, but I also realised this idea in the trial phase of the business. Having spent another 3-4 years refining my business I found it difficult to fund my project or raise enough capital to make it work. Having had to give up on my first business idea, I felt defeated.

This episode in my life led me to loosing confidence and find myself in a long-distance toxic relationship that was so damaging to my mental health that in the end it left me with depression, loss of my identity and losing my voice for over two years. This personal experience severely impacted my ability to undertake another business. What was once my biggest regret, is now my story that helps others feel empowered to use the power of their voice in business and life.

Far too many people have been defeated, experienced abuse, set back and other life challenges that left them broken and unable to move forward. Today I am able to share my story of overcoming many of my personal obstacles and finding my way through it. Today I can say I have achieved more than I once thought was possible, becoming a leader of a community of over half a million, being a thought leader and influential voice in my industry as well as building a platform that helps others share their stories and become seen and heard.

These challenges are the things that help me draw my wisdom and inspiration to inspire others and share my message with the world in a way that transforms lives and creates an instant shift in my audience, from inspiration to action.

If I was able to become a serial entrepreneur, speaker, event host and trainer for more than 500 speakers and entrepreneurs, use my voice to impact others and write a best-selling book, I know that my story can inspire others to do this and far greater things than I did.

Example talks


Dare to Dream virtual event (June 2021) with Les Brown where I was the host of over 20+ speakers. This is a short motivational story of 'climbing the mountain of success' what to do when we are faced with defeat, doubters and non-believers.


Delivering a powerful talk at 'Making Business Boss Moves' in London for a client. I adapted this talk for the audience who are mainly cake bakers and owners of bakery businesses, mainly from diverse backgrounds. No slides shared.


Interviewed for Women Thrive podcast - sharing my personal story of how I founded the Women in Business club, sharing some of my obstacles and my vision.