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Monique Russell

Company: Clear Communication Coach at Clear Communication Solutions LLC

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Saint Cloud State University (undergraduate) Bachelor's of Science in Communications - Saint Cloud State University (graduate) Masters of Science in Communications
Atlanta, GA, USA


Monique Russell is the communications expert you want on your team. She teaches women leaders and teams how to have positive and productive relationships at home and work using effective communications tools and strategies.

Passionate about serving Black and Women Employee Resource Groups, organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, the Centers for Disease Control, Verizon, Intel, Equifax, and the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International, trust Monique to guide them in implementing communication strategies that foster connection, community, creativity, and courage. You can too.

Monique has 20 years of experience in the science of Communications and leads Clear Communication Solutions – an international training, coaching, and consulting firm that focuses on confidently communicating from the inside out. She is the author of the Ultimate Speaker's Guide and the book Intentional Motherhood: Who Said it Would Be Easy, and host of the Bridge to U podcast.
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Teaching women how to have positive and productive relationships with self-awareness and public speaking! (sushi, traveling, reading, and dancing!)
Confidence Building Skills for Professional Women
Emotional Intelligence for the Practical Leader
Intentional Motherhood: Who Said it Would be Easy
Presenting with Impact
How to be Digitally Relevant and Present
Effective Networking: Turbocharge your Career Online
The Strategic Art of Self-Promotion

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Best Story

I landed a huge government contract. I was the sub of a prime vendor and everything was going well. One day, we had an all hands meeting and I was sure they were calling to renew. With excitement in my voice, I joined the call with a big bright bubbly smile. Hello!! This is Monique! After formalities got underway, the client got straight to the point. They wanted to know how come we were nearing the end of the project and why the bill for the people working with me was so high.
I could not believe my ears. I sat up straight and listened more carefully. They repeated the question. I wondered which people were working with me? I was the only person on that end of the project. It did not occur to me until a few seconds later, which seemed like two hours in slow motion that the prime vendor added two fictitious people on the contract and was billing them. What was I going to say?!!! Should I bust everything out and make them know what is happening? What if they make me pay everything back?
I sat there frozen with my voice paralyzed. I said absolutely NOTHING the entire call.
Immediately after, I wondered what happened Monique? It was then I knew I had lost my confidence. I had to get honest with myself to examine other areas of my life to see if there were patterns where I was not speaking up and there were.

Origin Story

I started speaking at the age of 8 years old in front of a live audience of 100 people. When most people were running from the stage, I was running toward it. This began my speaking journey and my desire to be on the big stage.

After trying to get a job as an international broadcast journalist, I decided to start working in Executive support. Little did I know that period would be my hands-on practical training. With my bubbly personality, I was the go-to person and with my expertise in Communications, I was often asked how to handle complex people problems. Before long, I'd sit at my desk designing and coming up with training ideas and solutions. I called the company, Island Communications...thinking since I was from The Bahamas, I would call it that. It has evolved over the years to what we know today as Clear Communication Solutions--a global training, coaching, and consulting firm.

Example talks

How to Build, Maintain and Sustain Relationships Online

In the 21st century, building a brand is not "nice to have" it is a need to have. But how do we do this effectively online? We start with becoming digitally present and relevant. The first thing someone does before they connect with you is to search for your name on Google. What do the results say about you? Does it encourage them to move forward, or to hold back? What do you say when you want to connect with others you are meeting for the first time online? Your digital footprint is your curb-side appeal. Join this engaging keynote presentation and learn the importance of:

 Creating a relevant digital presence
 Performing holistic outreach
 Structuring networking connections for long-term success

Presenting with Impact: Strategies to Develop Effective Presentation Skills

If you're looking to grow and move up in your career or business, it's no secret...gaining speaking skills will put you on the fast track. You don't have to continue to be tired of fumbling over your words and leaving meetings feeling like you should have said this, and should have said that. You don't have to keep repeating yourself because no one understands your message or point. You don't have to continue to settle for less because you're not being appreciated, respected or even taken seriously. Why continue to lose out when you can demonstrate your expertise, confidence and leadership by being an effective and clear presenter?

 Communicate with clarity and confidence
 Minimize nervous energy with strategic preparation and relaxation techniques
 Perform an audience analysis to tailor your presentation
 Answer unanticipated questions and expertly handle difficult situations


Employees, Directors, Managers and First-Line Supervisors, Team Leads

Intentional Motherhood: Who Said it Would Be Easy

Do you need to find ways to shed guilt, shame, and societal pressures of motherhood? Would you like to learn skills to embrace your Motherhood identity? Communication skills expert, Monique Russell is a working mom and she's on a mission to teach mothers lessons from her life and her clients' lives how to be the best version of themselves so they can intentionally model healthy communication practices with their children. In this inspiring keynote, you'll learn how to:

Parent from love, not fear
Move from self-life to self-love
Make boundaries your best friend
Embrace your Motherhood identity