Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Transformational Coach & Healthcare Leadership Development Consultant at Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Education: University of Houston - Downtown - Capella University
Houston, TX, USA


Dr. KayLa N. Allen has a Doctor of Health Administration degree (DHA), and she is a Certified Health and
Well-Being Coach (CHWC). She has a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (science focus and psychology minor),
a master’s degree in Public Health (MPH), and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Epidemiology. She is also an
international speaker and international mentor with a mission to positively shift mindsets, encourage others to
embrace their unique identities, shine a light on the power of and need for diversity and equity in healthcare and
beyond, and the impact of public health and humanitarian efforts. Her verbal and visual messaging can be
viewed on YouTube under her brand and business name “Dr. KayLa N. Allen”.
Being a domestic violence survivor turned thriving warrior is only a part of her story. In empowering and
equipping former domestic violence survivors, black and brown women, and growth-seeking leaders in
healthcare and beyond, she coaches, leads, internationally motivational and powerfully speaks, and mentors
utilizing her experiences, education, research, and training received from various respected organizations,
associations, and entities.
Dr. KayLa shares blogs, articles, and quotes via “KayLa’s Positivity Corner”, empowering and thoughtprovoking letters via “Dear Mixed Girl” (online and personalized via handwritten mail), and vlogs on upperlevel education, effective leadership, and personal development via “Becoming Dr. KayLa” and many online
Dr. KayLa is a Global Goodwill Ambassador, member of ACHE, ALPFA, NOW, NALHE, APHA, and an
executive member of The NSLS. She is a humanitarian in many spaces all over the world.
With years of experience as a national executive leader and through her life’s journey of experiences, she uses
wisdom, education, scientific and academic research, and evidence-based practices to help evolving leaders
become effective and sustainable in practice and through personal empowerment.


Women and Girl's Empowerment, Personal Transformation, Healthy Lifestyle, Minority Empowering (Identity, Personal Transformation, DEI, and Unique Self-Expression), and Effective Healthcare Leadership

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Best Story

I would share the story of how I overcame years of domestic violence and found myself and all that I can gift to the world through a journey of education and personal empowerment.

Origin Story

I am the founder of my business. Throughout my years in upper-level education, I realized that I could build something that I could be proud of. I wanted to incorporate and intertwine education, personal transformation, leadership, individuality, and wisdom into my business and the lives of those I serve.