Adria Wilkins

Speaker, Author, and Podcaster at JoyBox

Writing and Editing

Education: Western Kentucky University, Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Woodbridge, VA, USA


Multi-award-winning author, Adria Wilkins has an accounting degree from Western Kentucky University. She and her husband, Erik, live in Northern Virginia and have three children Katie, Blake, and Anthony.
Her book “The Joy Box Journal” with Hachette Book Group released July 2019.

She enjoys telling a story, adding sprinkles of joy and a few extra dollops to liven it up.
After suffering the unthinkable - death of three-year-old Blake, she found that there is still joy in life.


I enjoy researching all things in nature. I like to learn about the intricate details and create stories that are relatable to my audience.
I enjoy sharing real life stories and sprinkling humor in to make the subject touch the audience hearts by making them laugh, cry and think.

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Best Story

Half A Heart - How could someone with half a heart show such love and concern to a family like mine? Lewis, a seventy-year-old man, had a heart attack when he was younger that required half of his heart to be removed. He was a retired television repairman. Televisions weren't a dime a dozen like they are now, so if your tv was messed up, you took it to someone like Lewis for repair. He also loved to tinker with his tools and provide mending and tender loving care to pieces of furniture. After mowing the grass or working in the garden, he would say, "That's pretty good for a man with half a heart." Once a week, we had a physical therapist come to our home who brought equipment to help strengthen our son's body while he played with toys. One day a therapist told us about a special corner chair that would support our son while he sat. The therapist showed us a picture and was going to check if one was available. In the meantime, we shared this idea with Lewis. With joy in his voice, plus a good ol' country accent, he said, "I think I can build you one." So he took measurements, purchased supplies, and started the project. Within a week, Lewis had a basic structure put together. He decided it would be nice to put some upholstery and cushions on the wood to make for a more comfortable seat. He also said a seat belt would keep our son, Blake steady in the chair, so he bought one at an auto store for five dollars. Lewis delivered the beautiful maroon corner chair to our home, and everyone in the family was delighted. Every day Blake would enjoy his time sitting in the chair playing with toys and watching TV. I can still picture Lewis's face beaming with joy as he brought his hand-crafted creation inside our home. He smiled yet humbly accepted our sincere thanks. Even though Lewis had half a heart, the love that overflowed from him was immeasurable. I wonder what I can do with a whole heart.

Origin Story

My traditionally published book released in July 2019 called "The Joy Box Journal." I have won three awards for my book. I started speaking when my book released and have enjoyed speaking to numerous audiences. I started a podcast called, "Look Out for Joy" in May 2020.