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Charlotte Purvis

[Author: The Customer Communication Formula] President & Owner,, Customer Service Speaker & Consultant at

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison - M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Raleigh, NC, USA


CHARLOTTE PURVIS: Author, The Customer Communication Formula: How to communicate with your customers and boost your customer service brand. For over two decades, Charlotte has used the Customer Communication Formula to help corporate, campus, community, and church organizations boost their customer service brands. She is proud to have influenced literally millions of customer service interactions. Plus, Charlotte is a Customer Service Enthusiast who enjoys being a customer and observing customer service in action. She is known for the way she connects with Customer Service Professionals and leaders--helping them take the Customer Service delivery to the next level.


-Customer Service
-Customer Experience
-Leadership for new leaders
-Black women in business
-Overcoming obstacles
-Enjoying your success
-What you gain by writing a book

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Best Story

One of the most insightful conversations I have ever had with a Customer Service Professional (CSP) was around this issue of friendly versus formal. This CSP announced to me with great conviction that she
preferred to “just be herself” when she delivered customer service. She went on to say that she’s a down-home person who doesn’t believe in all that “fancy talking.” After listening with great interest because
she was so passionate and it was clear to me that she was a dedicated Customer Service Professional, I gave this some deep thought. I realized the issue comes down to one of consistency and fairness. [from my book, starting on page 18). In the end, this Customer Service Professional made a U-turn, focused on using more formal language, and was proud to share her transformation with me. This example is rich with lessons about building relationships, expressing empathy, and "rolling up your sleeves" in a contact center.

Origin Story

My story starts in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where I learned the importance of treating people with respect, using courtesy words, going the extra mile, and accepting people who are at different stages and places in life. I devote a chapter in my book to these lessons (Chapter 10) and how they serve as the foundation for my enthusiasm about Customer Service.