Maxine Johnson

TEDx Speaker, Career Coach at WIFE Boss Academy

Human Resources

Education: Rosemont - Payne Theological Seminary- MDiv; Rosemont College MBA
Philadelphia, PA, USA


Maxine L. Johnson is an author, co-author, certified life coach, transformation specialist and expert speaker serving professional women who are purposed to lead. TEDx Speaker and featured in USA Today as one of the Top 15 Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021, Medium, Kivo Daily, "Speak that Talks" Talk Show, Total Transformational Radio and Keynote Speaker for Canon, Inc (VA). An experienced HR Practitioner where she has over 25 years of HR experience, she is the CEO and Founder of WIFE Boss Academy, home of The Influential Female where she coaches professional women who are unfulfilled in their careers and help them discover they are purposed to lead. She is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to be their best selves. Over the years, she has worked with women globally, helping them find positive change. She is known for creating the “The 5 Critical Components for Creating Global Communities of Change.”

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leadership, women’s empowerment, relationships

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Best Story

I love to share my story about the challenges being a female leader and marriage. I found that I was taking my leadership role too seriously and it spilled into the home. My story about my challenges and triumphs are enlightening and engaging.

Origin Story

I realized that I am not the only female leader who dealt with challenges of leadership and marriage. Conversations and coaching allowed for women and myself to find harmony in both worlds.