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Karen Kenney

Professional Organizer at

Consumer Services

Education: Emmanuel College, Boston Ma
Bedford, MA, USA


Karen L. Kenney Bio

Karen Kenney has operated OrganizingWORKS since May 2000.
Karen believes she has been organizing since her first job at the Sheraton Lexington as a maid. Her favorite part of the job was lining up the bottles in the bathroom from tallest to smallest! Every job had some organizing in it. Karen has worked for some major companies such as Thomas Cook Travel (now American Express), Lotus Development Corporation, Staples, and NationsBank. Each new job enhanced her organizing skills.

Karen loves to help people to get organized, feel less stressed, and more at peace. Taking a space that is out of control and making sense of it is the most rewarding. Karen has residential customers as well as corporate clients. Her clients are seniors, children, college professors, CEOs, families, people with ADD/ADHD, widows and widowers, and folks who have hoarding issues.

Karen realized the value of time management when she started her business. At the same time, starting her business, OrganizingWORKS! She was working full time and going to school at night to get her degree! In May 2001, Karen graduated from Emmanuel College with a bachelors's degree in Business Administration.

Karen has spoken to many groups such as Reading library, COA in Bedford, Bedford Chamber Working Women's Alliance, and several times for Hanscom Federal Credit Union "Lunch and Learn programs" throughout Boston. She has taught an organizing class for both Bedford High and Woburn High as part of their Adult Education programs.

Karen was active on the Economic Development team of Bedford Chamber of Commerce. She is currently team leader of a group known as Coordinated Senior Solutions, which is a dedicated team of professionals offering high-quality care and services that address the dynamic needs of seniors (

Karen created a DVD called "The OrganizingCheerleader-A Busy Person's Guide to Getting and Staying Organized." This DVD helps folk who want to get organized but don't have the budget or time to bring in an organizer. Some folks who purchased the DVD have said they have made much progress on their organizing projects because they can re-watch it whenever they start a new project or freshen up their skills.

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Seeing the smiles on the faces of my customers. Taking a space that is overwhelming and cluttered. Embarrassment and isolation causing them not to let anyone in. We all learned this year that isolation is really hard. I get the space back together. Reducing clutter, getting rid of unwanted things, donate things not long needed. The joy in their faces is my passion. Making organizing work for them..

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Best Story

Too many to write about. My clients have made so much progress over the years. Hoarders get back their homes, busy parents who once worried about toys and clutter, are now worried about school work and college admission letters. Check out my testimonial page.
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Origin Story

I worked for Corporate America from 1984 to 2000. The jobs were okay but I only was happy organizing the offices. From file cabinets to break rooms, make processes easier. I had series of jobs where I was always appreciated until I had enough and left the job. The corporate manages let me down over and over again. I said in 2000-enough. Finished my degree, took job that allowed me to start the business part time and made enough money to eat/and pay my bills. Never have looked back. Working for me was smartest move-even a pandemic.