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Danielle Hughes

Chief Personality Officer at More Than Words Marketing

Writing and Editing

Education: Washington Universoty in St. Louis
New York, NY, USA


Danielle Hughes helps people and the brands that target them to develop their Genuine Personality Brand, creating content that sounds like you and giving you the space to truly be yourself in your messaging.

She’s been called a wordsmith, a magician, a copywriter extraordinaire, a lifesaver and a badass. Four of these are accurate. Eh, who is she kidding, they’re all accurate.

In her multi-decade career, Danielle has strategized and written content for some of the biggest (and the smallest) companies including: eBay, Discovery Channel, TD Bank, Gap, Visa, Catalyst, SEO, Columbia University, and JDRF.

And while she can’t pull a rabbit out of her hat, she can hone your brand message, engage your audience and deadlift you or your employees, but not at the same time. That’s just irresponsible. (note: Danielle is available for office party tricks and accepts payment in bottles of Bordeaux.)


Personality Branding, Authenticity, Being Human, Writing Like you talk, Leaning into who you are to create stronger connections with your audience, Being more you!

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I am willing to travel

Up to 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


personal branding branding authenticity why you need a personality brand standing out in a sea of sameness cutting through the clutter be more you

Example talks

Why You Need a Genuine Personality Brand: How to stand out in a sea of sameness and a world of duplicates.

We have all heard the expression, "you are your biggest asset." So why do so many of us feel reluctant to let our personality shine in business? Maybe it's because we don't know how. Or worse, we fear showing too much of ourselves will alienate potential clients. Surprise! It’s actually the opposite. People are hungry for personality. That’s what drives connection.

Danielle Hughes, founder of More Than Words Marketing, will help individuals learn how to develop their Personality Brand to stand out in a sea of sameness and a world of duplicates.

Attendees will learn:

How to lean into who they are to create die-hard fans

How to create content and messaging that positions themselves and their service to be distinct from everyone else

How to highlight their uniqueness in a genuine and relatable way

How to not be afraid to go big or go home (or at least go bigger)

How your genuine personality creates affinity and affection