Tiffany O.

Board Member at Telix Pharmaceuticals


Education: University of Minnesota - St. Thomas University
Carmel, IN, USA


Tiffany currently serves as a Board Member for Castle Biosciences and on the Langham Logistics Advisory Board. She is a thought leader, advisor, and speaker with a goal of inspiring companies to bring their teams and communities to the next level of connection and leadership.

She is the retired president of Cardinal Health Nuclear & Precision Health Solutions, which develops, manufactures, and dispenses pharmaceuticals via a network of nuclear pharmacies, clinical trial, and manufacturing sites. Prior to Cardinal Health, Tiffany was President of NaviMed. She also worked for Eli Lilly and Company and was with Roche Diagnostics, where she attained the position of President and CEO of Roche Diagnostics Corporation.

Tiffany was recognized as one of the “10 Best Women Leaders of 2020” by Industry Era. She was the first woman to receive the Life Science Alley Luminary Award, recognizing her “for exceptional reputation as a leader and vision to drive both innovation and value for personalized medicine.” She has written several articles on personalized medicine, molecular diagnostics, and business strategy.


I am passionate about fostering an open and inclusive work environment where employees can bring 100 percent of themselves to work. As Executive Sponsor of the Cardinal Health Disability Advocates Network, I work to cultivate an environment within my team - and across Cardinal Health - where employees can learn about and celebrate differences. I truly believe that diversity of ethnicity, ideas, thoughts and backgrounds within the team leads to better business outcomes.

Another topic that I really enjoy speaking on is women in leadership. There is opportunity, but women sometimes have a difficult time seizing it. This is an opportunity for those of us in leadership positions - reach a hand out to help women who are on their way up because we will succeed ... together.

When it comes to payments

I need my expenses covered - travel, hotel, meals, etc.


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Best Story

Something I am incredibly proud of is how we transformed our business to better meet customer needs and address the many challenges they were facing. We came together as a team to listen to our customers, anticipate trends and then we took significant steps in order to get ahead of the market. And it worked. Our customers have rewarded us over the years and our business has become a market leader in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

As I think about this transformation and how we were so successful, it comes down to three key words: Listen, Learn, Lead.
• First, listen to your customers – understand what they want and more importantly, what they need.
• Next, learn how best to meet these needs and wants. Know your business and what it will take to make the needed changes.
• And finally, lead your team by exhibiting confidence, support and don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and pitch in where needed.