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Sree Ratnasinghe

Executive Director, Customer Success, IBM at IBM

Computer Software

Education: Carnegie Mellon University
Raleigh, NC, USA


Sree Ratnasinghe is a cloud executive leader and intrapreneur-in-residence at IBM.

Recognized as a pioneer in IBM’s native-cloud metamorphosis, Sree embarked this year on a new IBM role as the Customer Success Director for Cloud and AI. Her elite global team are highly regarded consultants to Fortune 2000, multinationals, and governments on their cloud architecture adoption.

Sree is passionate about organizational culture, mentoring, and skills growth. A fierce community advocate, she’s a Board Member of WomenNC empowering gender equality and leads the local Business Alliance community network supporting the local high school.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a master’s in Information Networking, Sree is based in RTP, North Carolina.


Growing the next generation of leaders in cloud computing and artificial intelligence! Customer experience, Diversity and Inclusion. Helping and coaching women and minority leaders to achieve their full leadership potential.

When it comes to payments

I speak for the exposure for myself and my company


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Origin Story

Sree was born in India, migrated to the United States, and then back and forth between both countries - building her resilience and growth mindset, learning new languages and cultures. She was hand picked by senior IBM executives for eight different roles in the past 10 years. Sree 's strategic mindset and drive to execution combined with a passion for team empowerment and culture, have propelled her forward. Her favorite Quote - once You Become a Leader - you are called to empower and lift others up so they can shine!