Pamela S.

Financial Advisor at Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies

Financial Services and Wealth Management

Education: University of Missouri-Columbia - Averett University
Herndon, VA, USA


For 22 years, Pamela has been helping women improve their personal and financial wealth through solid financial life planning. Pamela’s education and training enable her to help clients successfully navigate through the myriad of financial decisions they face during their lives. She focuses on helping her clients meet their financial needs and help them work to achieve financial security and greater retirement readiness.

Pamela has become a strong voice in the area of personal finance for women. Her knowledge in this area has made her a sought-after speaker. She has been quoted in articles for several leading financial publications.

Throughout her financial services career, she has acquired several client service and financial planning awards. She recently qualified for membership into the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT). Membership in MDRT is a highly recognized mark of excellence and limited to only the most successful in the financial services profession. This places Pamela among the top professionals in the global life insurance and financial services industry. Pamela was featured in the Women in Wealth section of Fortune Magazine November 2020 issue as a top Wealth Manager in the Washington DC metro area.

She successfully completed the demanding requirements to receive a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor certification through the College of Financial Planning. Pamela also holds a Behavioral Financial Advisor designation, awarded to advisors who have undergone training to learn to help clients make financial decisions using a rational, values-based approach. Behavioral Financial Advisor’s integrate techniques founded in traditional finance, psychology, and neuroscience to positively influence clients’ spending and saving behavior in the presence of challenging emotions.

Pamela is married, lives in Chantilly, VA and has three children. She devotes her free time to her family, her church, enjoys reading and loves to sing.


Singing, Reading, Speaking

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Origin Story

My Why

I went into financial services after watching my mother fall into dire financial hardship once my father died. When they were together my father handled all of the finances. He took care of everything. And my mother knew nothing about how to handle money. So when he died, she was at a loss. Fortunately, I jumped in and helped my mother figure things out. But I knew that my mother was not the only woman who was in that position. And that some women didn’t have anyone they could trust to help them figure it out. That’s when I decided to go into financial services specifically to help women gain financial literacy so they would never be in the position my mother was in, whether they have a spouse or not.

Example talks

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Entrepreneur Mindset-Reset Podcast Interview

My favorite part of our interview is where we go deep into mindset about what's possible when we're intentional. It's so good, and Pam's insights are spot-on.

You'll also love her story about her client who's a sex therapist and how a conversation with her sparked a whole new program called "Mind Your Money" that will support and empower busy women so they can get things done with confidence.

The Power of Defining A Niche
Pamela Jackson Sams combined her talent for advice giving with her knowledge of finance to start her own financial planning business called Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies. She works primarily with single women ages 45 to 65 to help them feel comfortable with their finances and reach their short and long term goals. She stands strong in her moral beliefs and life principles, which draws people to her and has paved her way to success. Pam discusses the problematic lack of education in finance, the best ways to invest in the market, and how to plan realistically and effectively for the future.