Cindy Rowe

Owner at Cindy Rowe Marketing

Motivational/Self Development

Education: UW-Platteville
Rockford, IL, USA


Cindy Rowe is a dynamic professional speaker, trainer, and passionate entrepreneur. She’s built two successful companies from the ground up, is a leader in her community, and works tirelessly to change the narrative around kindness.
Leveraging her experience in sales, marketing, and organizational communication, Cindy shares evidence-based strategies with companies, organizations, and schools that improve employee culture and positively impact the bottom line.
When she’s not speaking on stage, Cindy helps entrepreneurs grow their small businesses as the Chief Marketing Rockstar of Cindy Rowe Marketing. She is also leading the charge to turn kindness into a social movement as Founder/CEO of Be Kind Crew.


Spreading kindness and positivity! Each year during my birthday month, I perform 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness! Inspiring women to find their true calling and overcome excuses. Helping small business owners find solutions for their business!

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Best Story

I didn't learn about kindness in a book; I found it in the challenges and triumphs of real life. Simple acts of kindness that began as a way for me to lift my spirits when I needed it most have become my life mission.
I feel it deep in my soul to share my story because I know others will see parts of themselves reflected in it. Mine is a comeback story and my dream is to inspire others to create the best versions of themselves and realize
that kindness is a strength, not a weakness.

Origin Story

I loved speech class in high school, but I never expected that speaking on stage and telling my story would become my life's work. What I didn't realize then was how my story would unfold; the traumas I would endure;
everything I would overcome over the next 25 years; and the passion I'd feel to use what I'd gone through as fuel to inspire and empower others to use kindness to get the most out of life at home and at work.

Example talks

​An Unconventional Approach: Leveraging Kindness As A Strategy For Success

Science has proven that doing kind acts for others makes us happier. And that’s great news for leaders because happier employees are 12% more productive.? In today's workplace climate—amid staffing and retention challenges, it's crucially important to have a competitive edge with current staff and future employees. In this talk, you’ll learn how to use kindness as a key differentiator to make your organization stand out from the crowd. When you learn how to use kindness strategically, you’ll be seen and valued as a strategic and compassionate leader while simultaneously boosting the bottom line and improving workplace culture.

>>Identify the tangible benefits of creating a culture focused on kindness
>>Set expectations Incorporate standards that focus on the human element of the workplace and move the needle toward a kinder work environment
>>Create an action plan that will positively impact the bottom line

It's All About Me: How to Build a Personal Brand

Not sure why or if you actually need a Personal Brand? We will dive deep in this fun and interactive presentation covering the basics of why and how to create a Personal Brand. This talk benefits both entrepreneurs and employed individuals. You'll walk away with:
*What is a Personal Brand
*Why You Need a Personal Brand
*Step to Creating a Personal Brand
Attendees will receive real examples and concepts to create their own personal brand.

Breaking The Mold: How Kindness Can Transform Your Life

Being kind is the secret to living your best, most successful life. Research shows that intentional kindness can boost your mood, combat anxiety and depression, reduce stress, and even lower blood pressure. After this talk, you’ll know exactly how to use kindness as a tool to achieve your goals and thrive in any environment.

>>Why kindness is the ultimate strength in your personal and professional life
>>How to incorporate kindness into your daily life
>> The importance of being kind yourself and others
>> Why kindness is a strength, not a weakness

Creating A Rockstar Social Media Content Strategy that Produces BIG Results

Feel overwhelmed coming up with ideas for social media content? Not sure where to begin? Does Monday creep up and have you lost on what to post? If you answered YES to any of these questions, YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS SESSION!
In this interactive session, we will go over the importance of great content, where to find inspiration and how to create a content calendar. You will walk away with an actionable plan for creating ROCKSTAR content that will help you secure new clients and grow your business!