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Elizabeth Pampalone

Expert Marketer at Absolute Marketing

Marketing and Advertising

Jacksonville, FL, USA


Elizabeth Pampalone is an International Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Expert Marketer with over 20 years of experience.

Her innovative approach helps overwhelmed business owners and burnt out nonprofit directors to achieve success and freedom through the power of Absolute Marketing™.


Elizabeth speaks on a variety of topics under her Absolute Marketing Method including these 5: Creating websites that convert, Blogging for SEO, Creating a Brand that stands out, Email Marketing, and Social Media & Algorithm. Elizabeth takes the time to create a one-room schoolhouse environment where she connects with audiences at all levels and shares actionable tasks that will transform their marketing. She shares with attendees how to harness the power of the foundational aspects of marketing and achieve the results they desire.

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Origin Story

At the age of 7, Elizabeth Pampalone knew that marketing was one of her strong suits. At age 14 she dove into the world of Web Design and Programming. At 20 she got married and divorced in the same year! She lost everything that we identify as being safe: money, home, friends, job, etc. At the age of 21, she moved to a new state, started over, and started a company that would one day employ her spouse, see them through a recession (or two), employ family members among others, and empower, encourage and uplifts those who worked with her. Hear about the heartbreak, the joy, and years of purpose-driven entrepreneurship as Elizabeth shares her story!