Sara Mraish Demeter

Company: ARCK Boston

Education Management

Education: Framingham State University - Boston University
Boston, MA, USA


An artist, creative art leader, a mother of three, and founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Art Resource Collaborative for Kids, a nonprofit delivering creative programs with social and emotional justice themes in Boston Public Schools since 2012. As an immigrant and a person of color herself who has lived the experience of being a new arrival, she works to promote cross-cultural inclusion and equity among under-resourced children. She is passionate about using art as a vehicle to bring out the voice of the silenced, working towards closing the creativity and opportunity gap to achieve equity. With ARCK, she has forged many partnerships with schools, businesses, institutions, and artists to bring youth voices to the wider community through projects such as “I Am, We Are,” a collaborative public art mural, and “Walls that Speak,” a showcase of immigrant students’ stories. Internationally, during the summers of 2013-14, she led art workshops for Syrian refugee children and most recently directed a public art mural in Jordan.


To democratize education by closing the creativity and the opportunity gap to achieve equity - Ask me how?

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Best Story

Empowering children and women voices and to give them access to participate in the society and to empower other women- supporting each other comes from our collective social justice work.

Origin Story

As a founder, my Aha moment is when I finally was able to see children who don't have the opportunity to quality education, develop a sense of leadership and become socially-conscious individuals. Using creativity as a tool to support children social-emotional wellbeing through the lens of social-justice and equity is truly when we can re-imagine an equitable education system for all.

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Advocating for equitable education for all.