Nehal Mehta

President, Co-founder at Rainbow Secure, geoACL LLC

Computer & Network Security

Education: Bachelor's in Statistics, Math and economics, Bachelor's in Computor science, Master in performing Arts
Old Bridge, NJ, USA


Nehal Mehta is an artist, mathematician, statistician, tech engineer and cyber solutions inventor helping world realize digital transformation dream through her efforts in cyber security, social and cultural involvement and giving back to community through her leadership efforts.

She works with SMBs and Enterprises, help them upgrade their cyber readiness and provides usable security solutions through her user centric cyber security research and innovations.

She has invented and won awards for Rainbow Secure, a next gen login and data security platform that uses graphical color and styles giving new dimension of graphical creativity, interactivity to users.

She also regularly imparts cyber safety education to kids, and motivates young cyber professionals with her inspiring articles and speeches.


She is passionate about simplifying security experience of digital transformation projects with user centric focus while keeping hackers away and making business secure and compliant.
She is also very passionate about data privacy and is working on data privacy by design architecture framework.
She is available to mentor startups, and cyber students.

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Origin Story

Few years back I was myself facing the issues managing online accounts and passwords. During that time my spouse's best buy account got hacked and some body made fraudulent purchase. I was very much annoyed and was looking to do something. One day my son was scribbling his name in different colors. Even after I erased it from white board it was still in my mind for many days.
That gave me an idea, what if my password is colorful. No one can guess what colors I choose and how I draw.
Being having statistics and mathematics background, I did more research and found something very very exciting and surprising. I had ended up creating password that was more than 500 times stronger than conventional password. I made some mockups and prototype software and patented my idea.

Now I am gradated from Microsoft Cloud Accelerator, have my solutions on password, zero-trust and mfa certified and listed on Microsoft Appsource and App Gallery.

So never ignore any idea, just pursue it and see, you may find something big that solves universal problem.

Example talks

How To Build A Cybersecurity StartUp

Do you have a side project and want to know how to develop it?
Where do I find a cofounder for my cyber startup?
I want to bootstrap my startup is this a good idea?
Should I join a cybersecurity accelerator?
What is the best way to manage a remote team?
What are the resources I can use for marketing my startup?
Do community or tech MeetUp groups help?
When do I quit my job?
Nehal Mehta, President and Dhaval Shah, CEO, at Rainbow Secure will share what has worked for them as they created Rainbow Secure API and Rainbow Secure Office Solutions and what you can do to build a cybersecurity startup.

We will discuss, what works for these experts, what they have seen has worked for friends and how you can build your side project to a successful startup.

Password Security and Rainbow Passwords

With everything going online, average user has 20 active online accounts ranging from shopping, banking, learning, socializing, meeting, payment wallets and telemedicine.

Password security is still the fastest, most affordable and universal way to authenticate, verify users. But now this method is crippled by newer attacks and data breaches.

But don't worry, help is here.

Now there is no reason to force users to create and manage long complex passwords.

Nehal Mehta talks about her security research and innovation that led to rainbow passwords.

Its a next gen login security that improves user experience and protects business from 10+ types of cyber attacks.

Join the talk and learn more on password history, challenges and how rainbow password works to solve it.

Digital Transformation with better security

In this talk, nehal mehta highlights current challenges faced by digital transformation initiatives and talks about solutions she invented to solve it with better user experience.

She will talk on the latest developments and case studies of successful digital transformation journey of agile organizations in an environment characterized by rapid and continual disruption.

In a round table setting the talk will also discuss proven-in-action techniques with peer interaction and insights from the latest research to help the participants to master the competency of disruptive digital leadership.

This highly interactive and experiential learning session will involve the participants as an active learner by including activities and exercises that highlight basic concepts.

It will also provide them with guidance on the actions required in specific situations through the use of relevant examples that are specific, relevant and meaningful to each participant.

Contact Nehal Mehta today to schedule a talk or participate in an upcoming round table talk.

Future of Security - How to Reduce Cyber Fraud, Risks, Liability Using Graphical Security

Pandemic has fast tracked the digital innovation. Cyber risks and threats are affecting the Digital Transformation Story today in a big way.

Nehal Mehta will present the future of security, Rainbow Secure platform that consists of rainbow password, Zero trust OTP, Smart MFA, Identity access management and other tools that are solving login, data security and privacy pain.

Rainbow Secure gives users the best experience with strongest security that is usable, scalable and has no device dependency. Security that is enabled by latest technology like AI monitoring, Block chain, geo fence. It also helps companies gain compliance with latest NIST, ISO, SOX, CMMC, HIPPA and other regulations.

Attend the talk and learn more how to protect your business and workflows from cyber risks and reduce your cyber tech liabilities.

New trends in application security

Application Security is not just user id and password.

Now there is much more to protecting the applications.

- User Identity
- System interactions using APIs
- Data inter exchanges taking place with applications and platforms within and outside the organization
- Cyber Fraud mitigation
- DDOS threat mitigation

Tune in to the talk and learn new trends in application security.

Improving Developer Productivity amid DevSecOps revolution

Every day developers are busy chasing deadlines, fulfilling project tasks, building and fixing business functionality.

They hardly get time to focus on the security aspects of the project.

On top of it, global teams has brought is own challenges including supply chain concerns.

But thanks to new innovations and awareness, now developers do want to build security from ground up without reinventing the wheel. DevSecOps is the new mantra and its time to implement it in each project.

Tune in to the talk and learn how to support your developers in helping them build secure application / website by design.

How to get rid of password rules?

Every day we all deal with so many online accounts, each having password complexity rules that even experienced tech person cannot always manage.

Usable, practical security is the only way to go to handle the human factor in security and save the digital projects.

Tune in to the talk and learn more to get rid of the digital stress and live the digital dream.

Password and its challenges, how to solve it

There are so many password problems out there.

Users keep chasing password complexity rules, websites and accounts keep getting hacked all the time.

Tune in to the talk and learn how to resolve your password login challenges in a way that cheers up users and protects business bringing security and compliance.