Kenyatta Powers-Rucker

Chief Information Officer at Maryland Department of Human Services

Information Technology and Services

Baltimore, MD, USA


Kenyatta Powers is the first African American female to hold the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Maryland State Government. She functions as a senior-level technology executive combining project management, technical expertise, and business proficiency to develop, execute, and manage strategic, statewide technology projects for the Department.

Kenyatta has served DHS for over 20 years as both a consultant and an employee, providing technical expertise to the Department. As CIO, Kenyatta manages the DHS Enterprise environment with 300 IT staff that supports over 7000 end users across the state.

She is also an advocate for bringing awareness to women and the underrepresented to the Technology Industry. She frequently speaks and mentors and aims to increase the number of women and minorities in the digital space by empowering them to become innovators in Information Technology and by providing the appropriate resources and opportunities.

Kenyatta is a best selling contributing author to “Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence” Volume II and is a member of several Executive Information Technology (IT) Advisory Boards. She has also received many awards and accolades in addition to being featured by Wonder Women Tech Foundation as one of the “136 Black Innovators in STEM You Should Know and Support”.

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Best Story

I was asked to participate in an advisory group that would help identify ways to encourage minority women to getting a career in Information Technology. I looked around the room and out of around 30 people there were around 8 women which two were African American women. It was quite interesting to see how primarily Caucasian men are trying to identify ways to decrease the gap of men to women in the tech industry.

Origin Story

After unexpectedly losing my job I found my way back to the Tech Industry. I struggled to find my way but by grace and mercy I got a job as a Jr Network Engineer. In 13 years I worked my way up from a Jr Network Engineer to a Chief Information Officer. It certainly had its challenges but it also had its rewards.