Noreen Braman

Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor at Smile Side of Life

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Education: Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader - Member: Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor
New Brunswick, NJ, USA


Noreen is a Keynote speaker, Workshop Presenter, Storyteller, Author, Conference Enhancer and an instructor at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Rutgers University. She used her training as a Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor to specialize in well-being habits, including laughter, to help others build resilience and enhance well-being. Noreen deals with her fibromyalgia and thyroid disease with humor, reminding us all that yesterday’s problem can be today’s funny story.

She has presented her well-being messages to organizations such as, The National Association of Government Communicators, NAADAC- The Association for Addiction Professionals, The Center for Great Expectations, New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, Sunnybrook Assisted Living, The Wexford at Wall Township, Hispanic National Bar Association, CFC Loud & Clear Foundation, NJLAP's Networkers Without Borders, Raritan Police Department, NJ Public Defenders, Morristown Hospital Women's Group, Mercer County Bar Association, Burlington County Bar Association, New Jersey Association for Justice, Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey, The Society for Emotional Intelligence, The Arc of Middlesex, East Windsor Township Senior Center, Recovery 360, Paint the Mall Purple Recovery Event, The Arbor Company, Oscar Health, The Morris County Democrats LGBTQ+ Caucus, Various Community Groups, and others.

Most recently, her full length video version of "The Laughter Lightning Round" won a 2023 Gold Award from MarCom.


I have always been a storyteller, and used those skills to help share my passion for laughter and overall well-being. Helping others to "laugh for the health of it" or discover the origins of laughter in humans, or why we need to use laughter and well-being habits "on purpose."

When I receive feedback such as this I am honored and thrilled that I have helped others:

"Noreen’s presentation was great - just what we needed to lighten up our retreat, and our lives.
Her laughter/humor/smiling session helped us get in touch with a part of ourselves that needs more expression, particularly in our war-torn country.”
— Yury T., Ukraine
Mental Health Practitioners Group

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Best Story

Like trauma, laughter cements memories into the amygdala – yet we rarely recognize that. It may be because, as some scientist theorize, that there needs to be more happy memories stored in the brain than traumatic memories to attain a “balance.” And yet, we are sometimes confused about the use of laughter, the expressions of humor and how to include them.

Once, at a Laughter Break for a parents of addicted children meeting, I was patting myself on the back for bringing them some lighthearted fun. As I walked to my car, a mom came running up to me, tears streaming down her face. Immediately, I thought that I had done something inappropriate. Instead, she hugged me, and through her tears told me, “I haven’t laughed since I lost my son.” Memories of happier times were now popping up in her mind, things she hadn’t thought of in a long time. She thanked me for helping her make that breakthrough. I told her how happy I was for her between my own tears.

Origin Story

Understanding the importance and necessity of Laughter to personal well-being is often overlooked. Most of my life was spent feeling that laughter was a weapon to belittle and demean me. My life was full of unfunny chaos.

it wasn’t until 2010 that I found out the laughter I learned as a baby, the laughter that chaos tried to take from me, and the laughter that comforted me, my sisters and my children had real physical & psychological benefits, and a growing body of science to back that up.

I’ve now studied laughter as a survival skill, well-being practice and social bonding tool. I’ve become a student of Happiness, what it is, where it comes from, why we need it, and how we find it. Sharing the importance and necessity of laughter has become my passion, my mission and my purpose.

We will smile, laugh, and sometimes cry as together, we rediscover the healing power of laughter.

Example talks

5 Habits that Build Resilience and Enhance Well-Being

5 Habits that Build Resilience and Enhance Well-Being
including a 5 Minute Being Present Meditation & Sample Laughter Yoga exercise
Noreen Braman

Successful leaders share well-being habits that help them inspire, motivate, and mentor in the workplace, no matter what the profession. With news reports, online articles, group discussions and best-selling books full of advice about achieving well-being, the list of recommendations can be long and intimidating. In this presentation, Noreen Braman will focus on 5 important habits needed in our well-being “toolkit” to help build resilience for those times when stress can be overwhelming. Noreen will also discuss the differences between wellness and well-being, (and how that relates to both physical and mental health) and introduce attendees to the important reports about Lawyer Well-Being issues by the American Bar Association, in collaboration with the Committee on Lawyer Assistance Programs.

Mindfulness – Are you mindful, mindless or, is your mind full?
Gratitude – Your brain on being thankful
Purpose – Your personal “mission in life”
Happiness – What is it, and why is everyone talking about it
Laughter – a human survival skill since before humans had language


Whether you are looking for a stress-buster for your employees, an interactive, fun break for your conference attendees, or activities for your club, recreation program or senior living facility, a Laughter Break will fill the bill! Based on the concept of Laughter Wellness and Laughter Yoga, this presentation is adaptable to all professions, ages, and levels of physical ability. From a stand-alone introductory workshop, to a multi-week Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club, a laughter break is just what you need to help both your wellness and well-being!
This fun, stress-relieving interactive program will show participants:
1. The relationship of humor and laughter to mental and physical wellness
2. The role of laughter in human development
3. The concept of Laughing for no reason (just for the health of it) with interactive exercises
Multiple week sessions will expand the interactivity for both physical and mental benefits!
Previously presented to Lawyers, College Students, Corporate Offices, Senior Centers, Association Meetings

WORKSHOP: Building Your Humor Reserve: How laughter enhances your professional and personal life

This interactive workshop explores how to build a "humor reserve," and how an understanding of the importance of laughter and humor to success and well-being. Learn how laughter has been a survival tool since before humans had language and why "learning to laugh for the health of it" could be the best way to share laughter with friends, family, and colleagues! Includes laughter tests, worksheets, and interactive laughter wellness exercises. Recently presented to the National Association of Government Communicators.

See examples and some fun videos on my YouTube Channel:

FLEXIBLE FORMAT: 5 Habits that Boost Resilience and Enhance Well-Being

A flexible offering that can be presented as:
1 hour overview
5 hour series - 1 per habit
available in person and virtual

News reports, online articles, group discussions and best-selling books are full of advice about achieving well being, and the list of recommendations can be long and intimidating. In this 5-session series, Noreen Braman will focus on 5 important habits to have in your well being “toolkit” to help build resilience for those times when stress can be overwhelming.

➢ Mindfulness – Are you mindful, or, is your mind full?
➢ Gratitude – Your brain on being thankful
➢ Purpose – Your personal “mission in life”
➢ Happiness – What is it, and why is everyone talking about it
➢ Laughter – a human survival skill since before humans had language

The first habit Mindfulness, starting with a definition of what it means to be mindful, and how to incorporate that into daily living. Interactive exercises include “in the moment” mindfulness as well as mindfulness meditation.

Habit 2 addresses Gratitude. Recent studies using functional MRIs have shown exciting changes to the brain that coordinate with enhanced happiness as a result of purposeful gratitude activities. Learn about gratitude journals, gratitude letters and 5 simple gratitude gestures.

A sense of Purpose is the focus of habit 3. Having a “reason for getting up in the morning,” (Japanese word) is arguably one of the most important and powerful factors in happiness, health and longevity, even if your career work is not exactly aligned. This session takes an intense look at personal mission and vision with self-discovery activities and writing exercises that help reveal ways that one’s sense of purpose can be aligned with other aspects of life.

Anthropologists now believe that Laughter, the subject of habit 4, is a survival mechanism existing in humans even before language, or even a sense of humor developed. Laughter is so powerful it can both lift up the oppressed when used for healing, or take down oppressors when used as a weapon. This session explores that two-edged sword description of laughter as well as introduces the concept of laughter as a well being exercise that does not rely on jokes or humor.

In habit 5, Happiness is explored, both as a state of being and as a much maligned “pursuit.” What is happiness and why is global society so focused on it that some countries are using it instead of a GDP? How the other habits covered in this course contribute to Happiness, and why enhancing your happiness is vital to coping when life becomes difficult.

Speaking Engagements

Empowering Social Workers

Indiana/Kentucky, 09/30/24

Laughter Yoga session

JCC Building, 09/03/24

Rutgers Div Cont Ed - DOCs retreat

Olli Ru, 05/09/24