Laurie Halter

PR Firm Founder and Podcast Host at Charisma! Communications and Carearing Host

Marketing and Advertising

Education: Journalism major, University Alaska Anchorage
Bend, OR, USA


Laurie Halter is the Founder of Charisma! Communications, a successful automotive PR firm, and host of the Carearing podcast where she explores the act of "rearing" both careers and families at the same time. She has a passion for business and entrepreneurship, but what really gets her jumping out of bed in the morning is sharing her experience balancing life, work, and motherhood.


Female empowerment, encouragement, and entrepreneurism.

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Best Story

One of my favorite stories that perfectly lays out the ins and outs of working and balancing a home life is the time I presented to a very important group of investors with a baby strapped to my mid-section. My nanny had called in sick at the last minute, and having no other option, I strapped my infant son to my chest and off we went.

I nervously got started. As I looked around the room, I could see the gobsmacked look on the face of each of the male senior executives in attendance. But as I continued on with my impassioned script, something changed. The investor's eyes began to sparkle. They were looking past the baby and really buying into my vision of the company, understanding how it would bring real value to the space, and most importantly the ways in which it would enhance their pocketbooks. They were seeing the scrappy start-up entrepreneur I was and how much passion I would bring to this business.

As I finished up, I felt all eyes on the room on me. I had won them over! I had done it being a wife, mom, and amazing career woman! It was at this perfect time that my son decided to throw up all down the front of me.

The men were horrified! I stood there in shock, baby vomit running down both me and the baby, and awkwardly thanked them for their time. Needless to say, I did not get the deal. In fact, I never heard from the men in that room again.

This was almost 15 years ago. I now run a six-figure PR firm with clients worldwide. I would like to think today there would be more women in that room, more compassionate, knowing eyes staring back at me, and I'm on a mission to make that happen in corporate boardrooms across America.

Origin Story

I began in the automotive technology field more than twenty years ago, working at a company still in the space today, Chrome Data. I worked my way up quickly and in just under three years I was handling all of the marketing and PR pieces running through the company. But something didn't feel right. I felt trapped and like I had so much more in me to give. With the blessing of my Chrome mentors, I jumped and started my own agency in 2003. Today I have a six-figure PR automotive tech frim and began my podcast, Carearing, just last year to explore topics of working mothers, balancing work and life, and how we can get more women represented around boardroom tables everywhere.