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Sheryl Mays

Chief Learning Officer, Lean Six Sigma,Neuro Linguistic Programming, Author, On-Air Host/Moderator at Rise and Shine , Consulting and Coaching Firm

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Everest University
Orlando, FL, USA


Sheryl is a dynamic, results driven sales, training and business strategist. She has a 20+ year leadership record of achievement and demonstrated success with millions of dollars in revenue growth providing exceptional strategies for employee engagement, leadership and business processes in highly competitive markets. She has been tenacious in building new business, securing customer loyalty and forging strong relationships with external business partners.She has served as the Vice President of Admissions in higher education overseeing 25 locations, the Director of Development for several national non-profit organizations; Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central Florida. SPCA of Central Florida, Downs Syndrome Association of Central Florida and Junior Achievement of Central Florida.She is also a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional and neuro- linguistic programming practitioner.
Also listed on Clubhouse (@riseandshine16) and moderating rooms for success.


I enjoy seeing individuals move beyond their circumstances and into their purpose. Working with our youth allowing them to see the opportunities that lie before them by removing the barriers and seeing a promising future. Traveling is always a soft spot for me as I enjoy experiencing new cultures, foods and traditions. I also have a passion for conversing with individuals that have a unique perspective on human behavior. Leadership development, team dynamics, mindset shifts, organizational culture and non-profit stewardship.

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Best Story

I'm a certified scuba diver today, but in order to get there i had to learn how to swim. After several months with a swim coach, walking out of the center and quitting. I had to do a few things; I stopped smoking, removed my barriers, returned to the center, apologized to the instructor and stepped into fulfilling my dream. To witness the sea life beneath the surface. Then my first dive with my dive club, we came to the surface and the boat was gone. Yikes!

Origin Story

My destiny is to ensure that I share my practices with others and help them overcome the disbelief, the doubt and the chatter. I had to silence the chatter before I started the my company and I have the best job ever.

Example talks

Values Count…Get With it: Into the Heart of Genuine Leadership

Today we still operate under the old regime of leadership. We still allow old style of “do as I say” fill the room with smoke. This smoke gags, stifles and blinds everyone within its reach. The lack of transparency and effective communication is running rampant. Can all employees be lazy, disengaged, and uncaring about the bottom line? Or the company objectives? Do they even know the company objectives other than “we need to make money”?
In my 20 + years in leadership I have coached leaders and saw leaders lose the respect of their teams. I have dedicated my company to ensuring we provide tools for new leaders and refreshers for seasoned leaders to operate through their core values. To serve, empower, grow, teach and empathize with employees as the individuals they are. As the residents of a collaborative community.
When your most passionate employee becomes silent …Houston we have a problem. As a leader is it too late to save that passion? Too late to save the face of the leader, the one who was to lead others into that circle of glory. Too late to now practice “values based leadership” or as a more familiar term “servant leadership”. This presentation is based on the work completed for my book, Values Count…Get With It, we visit the power of leaders when operating through their core values.

Be the Hero In Your Story

The only way to move forward is to be present in the moment. Some reasons why an individual can’t move forward is because they have not closed out the past. They live in their incompletes, their messes and have not granted themselves permission to move forward. There is a champion and a warrior inside waiting to be released. When you find something you believe in, something you find worth fighting for, that something will push you when you have nothing left. They learn that the word “NO” is not selfish but it’s for self-preservation. Attendees are engulfed in seeing what’s inside and overcoming that inner critic, the hardships, the self-doubt and write down goals, make a plan and begin to take action. They define the Hero within!

Lean Transformation: It's in the Process

This presentation/workshop focuses on the methodology and philosophy of Lean Six Sigma. Displayed in an interestingly fun way in which we can all use Lean in our professional and personal life. A unique experience in which one can understand the concept of using lean thinking to enhance our results. As we discuss wasteful elements and look at the process by using a "Go and See" approach. This presentation can be heavy or it can be light, for novices, but definitely have an impact for all attendees.

Silence the Chatter: Move Beyond Your Fear

Presentation on how the inner critic can destroy your confidence, your clarity and your ability to take action. What do you do to Stomp the ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) and provide yourself with the opportunity to pursue your goals, dreams and desires. This eye-opening presentation/workshop provides techniques that will allow you to move forward knowing that the Universe is shifting in your direction. People will show up when you need them to be delivered to provide a message. Attendees leave with a renewed view of their unique possibilities and see how they have control of their outcomes by applying a simple formula E+R=O.