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Alexandra Hoffmann

CEO & Founder at Alexandra Hoffmann Consulting

Management Consulting

Education: LLB in Criminal Law, Paris, France - M.Sc. in Corporate Security from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY, NY
Bordeaux, France


During my career with large corporations and the French Government, I have developed an expertise in Business Resilience.
In 2018, I launched Alexandra Hoffmann Consulting (AHC), which helps businesses build resilience capabilities through Consulting, Coaching, and Training services to quickly and efficiently respond to disruptive events. AHC promotes diversity, synergies and blends complementary professional expertise and background through various partnerships.
I have an LLB in Criminal Law and an M.Sc. in Criminal Justice & Police Science in France, an M.Sc. in Corporate Security from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, and am a Certified Coach. As a Certified Yoga Teacher, I also give pro bono yoga classes to SWAT units of the French police.
I have been featured in Thrive Global, Business Insider, and Authority Magazine, and I write for ASIS Security Management online Magazine.


I am passionate about my family and my two kids.
I am passionate about Yoga and everything that pertains to Yoga - I believe Yoga starts off the mat!
I am passionate about People and everything that makes each of us unique.

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Best Story

My 20+ years career as a woman in Security / Crisis Management, which is a male-dominated industry.

Origin Story

I was an employee in big corporations for 18 years and loved it. I saw the limit when I wanted to expand outside the typical silos. I built my Company so that I can bring my diverse background and credentials to the table. The COVID-19 crisis has shown me how critical "diversity" is! In order to make sure my Company is resilient, I have had to connect to experts and peers from very diverse backgrounds and experiences. Diversity is at the core of any strong and thriving business.

Example talks

Leadership & Diversity - Becoming Responsible and Leading our Careers

In a world where we keep on opposing Leadership styles and male and female parts, the concept of "leadership" has become common and binary. The word leadership seems to be seen and heard as naturally male-oriented, and it’s become common practice to add the words “female” or “women” next to it to differentiate it.
But is it essential to do so?
​Leading a team or a group of people requires various skills, but above all, it requires to be authentic, self-confident, and agile. Today, while women's social role is being entirely redefined, we, men and women together, have a golden opportunity to draw a new style of leadership by putting forward our trump cards and our individual differences to put the pieces together.
During this conference, I use my private and public experience to propose reflection paths and engage a discussion with the Participants around this complex concept.

The Objectives of this Keynote are to:
#1 Offer an inspiring moment
#2 Engage Participants in a self-reflection around the question of leadership
#3 Challenge Participants' beliefs
#4 Provide Tools to sharpen Participants' Leadership, including in a constantly changing environment

Managing Stress during Crises

Security, environmental, economic, human, social,…Crisis is pervasive. Crises introduce change in our systems while generating conflicts. The combination of these elements makes it a highly sensitive topic as it forces us, Resilience Professionals, to face our strengths & vulnerabilities if we want to support our internal/external customers appropriately.
If technical expertise is essential in order to manage it professionally and efficiently, understanding the human element is as essential. Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of Crisis Management, including managing ones’ emotions and stress, often overlooked in the private sector.
In the long run, combining technical expertise with these soft components is the key to Sustainable Resilience, for both Corporations and their individuals.

This Keynote has 3 key objectives:
#1: Challenge common beliefs on stress during a crisis.
#2: Engage in self-reflection around the question of leadership during crises.
#3: Give the attendees tools to sharpen their leadership skills in a constantly changing environment.