Lynnette Phillips

Owner at Empower Your Possibilities LLC

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Florida Southern College - Regent University
Winter Garden, FL, USA


Lynnette Phillips is a passionate leader, certified LPS facilitator, speaker, author and live-your-best-life enthusiast. Having worked almost two decades with the Walt Disney Company, one of the world’s most recognized brands, Lynnette combines the art of storytelling with the magic-making of hospitality. She knows how to deliver what hotel patrons need but leave unspoken and she shares with her audiences the secrets of heartfelt service.

As a highly sought-after speaker within Disney, Lynnette spoke with a wide range of audiences, from youth groups to corporate clients. Her subjects? World class guest services, team building and leadership. Through the years Lynnette enhanced her practical experience at the Walt Disney World Resort with a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Executive Coaching from Regent University. In 2019 Lynnette Co-Authored It’s Possible: A Dreamers Manifesto to Overcome Opposition, a collection of inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles.


Storytelling is in Lynnette’s DNA. With more than 17 years of experience with one of the world’s most admired brands, she has inspiring stories and anecdotes for all occasions Lynnette transitioned from the corporate world to pursue her purpose of empowering people and organizations to fulfill their potential. She values the freedom and opportunity she has to exchange information. Helping people connect the dots in their own lives is why she speaks. When away from work and the world of clients, Lynnette is grateful for time spent reading, cooking, traveling, or creating the most magical memories with her husband and children.

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Best Story

How do you turn a six month internship into a seventeen year career? For me I told the management intern in my location I wanted their job the next semester. While it all worked out in the end I had lots of learning of be careful what you wish for along the way.......You just might get it and need to be ready.

Origin Story

Acting on a desire to build a community supporting moms across the globe, Lynnette co-founded the Fulfilled Mom Movement. She and her co-founders answered the call to help moms design a life free of “mom guilt” and the feeling of not being “enough” in their various roles as spouses, moms, and career women.

Example talks

Limbic Leadership: Applying neuroscience and psychology to turn challenge into opportunity in changing times

This lively, practical and interactive workshop will introduce you to the Limbic Model of Leadership and how you can use it to:
• Understand why people resist change and how to manage change effectively in changing times
• Learn how beliefs influence the way your team think, feel and behave and how to become a master of working with beliefs
• Apply the art of effective “Framing” and how the way we frame situations can lead to problems or opportunities
• Learn how all human motivation is free and how to motivate people without promise of financial reward
• Build resilience in challenging times and adopt a realistically-optimistic mindset
• Boost performance by leading from the inside out and challenging conventional leadership mode

Give Me Time: 10 Tips to Define, Refine, and Design Your Time

Time is a gift but also a very abstract construct. Every day 1440 minutes is deposited into our daily time accounts and what exactly is done with it? In this fast - paced 30 minute session participants learn ways to define time as an individual along with practical steps to block oneself as VIP before adding anything else, how to do a time audit and why our daily use of time should be treated like currency, and real tips to create time hacks and delegate.

So You Have an Idea: Investigate, Delegate, Elaborate, Activate

The world is full of not just good but GREAT ideas. Often the problem is not coming up with one but executing and bringing your vision to life. Using the acronym I.D.E.A. one can take strategic steps from brain power to market.

Just Make the Bed: My Journey to Live in Relationship With My Grief

The Statement "I am not getting any better" changed my life. No longer was the conversation what treatment plan would prolong my mom's life, it was managing the emotions, affairs, and inevitable diagnosis of terminally ill cancer. I found an unlikely comfort in the habit of making my bed. Through my experience and understanding as a performance coach I was able to create the lasting change of this positive habit formation even when faced with days of grief.