Dr. Charmain J.

Psychologist | Founder + CEO at InnoPsych

Diversity/Women Issues

Education: BA in Psychology, University of Dubuque - PhD in Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi
Boston, MA, USA


Short Bio (127 words): Tech-related
Dr. Charmain Jackman (she/her) is a Harvard-trained licensed Psychologist with 25+ years in the mental health field. She is the founder and CEO of InnoPsych, Inc., an organization on a mission to disrupt racial inequities in mental health. InnoPsych also empowers leaders to cultivate emotionally safe work cultures that result in thriving organizations and people. The emotional wellbeing programming includes topics such as mental health, racial trauma, burnout, and employee wellbeing. Dr. Jackman has won several awards for her impactful work including the 2022 Boston Business Journal Power 50, 2021 American Psychological Association’s (APA) Citizen Psychologist Award and City of Boston’s 2021 Innovator of The Year award. Dr. Jackman has been featured on national media outlets such as the New York Times, NPR, PBS, and the Boston Globe.


Believe it or not, I LOVE talking about mental health and emotional wellness!!! I know...I admit it...I am a psychologist (so makes sense, right?) It makes me extremely happy when people get that their emotional health is important to their overall health and then they take steps to improve their emotional wellness. Sharing my own journey with self-care and therapy helps to reduce the stigma and make people more open to seeing therapy as a resource. One of my missions is to help companies to explore how they are caring for the emotional health of their employees.

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Origin Story

Since my teen years, I have had a fascination with psychology. I can remember articulating a dream to become a psychologist even though I had never met one. Growing up in Barbados where the stigma of mental health was pervasive, but images of therapists of color were not, I wanted to change that. I have spent the last 20+ years working with people of color (POCs) in hospitals, clinics, courts, and schools, and one consistent theme that I have observed is that POCs long for therapists who look like them—who understand them and who will do right by them! This inspired me to create www.innopsych.com, a platform that makes it easier for POCs to find therapists of color! Every day we changing how people access therapy and how they learn about their emotional health.

Example talks

Burnout Alert: How to Recognize and Recover from Burnout and Feel Like Yourself Again

Over the last year, employees have reported unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout as they navigated the uncertainty and anxiety of quarantine, remote and hybrid schedules, vaccine debates, and return-to-office protocols.We will discuss the signs of stress and burnout and will share strategies you can take to improve your physical and emotional well-being. Recognizing the busy life of today’s employees, we will focus on teaching practical, bite-sized tools that employees can easily incorporate into their daily routine. In addition, we will use mindfulness tools from the My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. HealTM card deck to help employees gain additional strategies that will help them adopt a prevention mindset when it comes to stress and burnout.

Feel. Grow. Heal: Finding Your Center In the Midst of a Crisis

Feel. Grow. Heal: Finding Your Center In the Midst of a Crisis

Dr. Jackman, award-winning psychologist, DEI consultant, and emotional wellness expert, will address the unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout that employees have experienced as they navigated the physical and emotional disruption brought on by the global pandemics of COVID-19, economic insecurity, and racial injustice. As employees struggled to cope with quarantine, remote learning, isolation, and grief/loss, they also felt depleted by the blurred home-work boundaries. With no clear end in sight, finding ways to cope with life stressors as the crises persist is a necessity for emotional wellbeing. Using her 3 M’s for Mental Wellness framework, Dr Jackman will discuss culturally-relevant, evidenced-based stress reduction approaches that foster employee wellbeing.