Natalie Garcia

Lifestyle Coach at Our Best Year Ever

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: UMass Lowell
Boston, MA, USA


I am a Registered nurse as well as a commissioned Army Officer since 2011-12 and still reside in the Army National Guard of Vermont and currently work as a Nurse Case Manager. I started to do Health and Wellness coaching when I myself lost all of my physical and mental health in 2014 when I was trying to juggle motherhood with two children and working full time as a nurse and part time as an Army officer. My pain drew me to help and serve other working mothers like myself who couldn't seem to learn how to juggle parenthood and work in a sustainable way. I have now been teaching parents how to calm the chaos in their personal and work life.


Personal Development, Traveling, Organization, Massages, and Speaking to the masses.

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I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

My ah-ha moment for my coaching business happened when I came back from a Humanitarian mission in the Virgin Islands after being called after Hurricane Irma hit, and then being hit with Hurricane Maria. As I was down there for 30 days away from my family and serving my country, I got a glimpse as to how I truly wanted to serve my community of women who were feeling overwhelmed. That October in 2017 I had a vision of how I would support, nurture, teach, and train working mothers to become greater leaders by mastering their schedules, their health and fitness, and personal self care, and since then, I've been running monthly or quarterly workshops teaching and training on all platforms both online and in person as well as on radio stations, public television, and non profit organizations.

Origin Story

It started in 2014 when I was going through post partum depression after having my second child, I was feeling truly clouded mentally while giving to everyone else but myself. The Summer of 2014 I began taking care of myself physically by working out from home because it was the only way I could find time to do something for myself while my baby slept, and after a year of personal self care through fitness and wellness, I knew I wanted to start teaching other women what I had learned through my personal triumph over anxiety and depression after motherhood and learning how to manage transitional depression was truly my starting point.

Example talks

Home Management 101: Helping working moms to calm the chaos

Among all the things we need to do as moms, managing our home can be one of the sore spots in our daily planning. Though we can be super productive in our businesses or career, doing the same in our home can be even more difficult.
That is why having a game plan to manage each of the rooms in your home matter. So let's start in the most important room in your home, the kitchen, and how managing this area can build freedom of time in your day to work on what you are truly passionate about, your calling.
(This talk is a great added bonus for women entrepreneurs who are also mothers; great talk during Women conference including wellness conferences)