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Sheri Fitts

National Expert on Financial Services Marketing, Virtual Speaker, Author, Podcaster at SHERI FITTS & CO.

Financial Services and Wealth Management

Portland, OR, USA


Sheri Fitts, a financial services marketing and brand guru, will completely upend the way you think about generating referrals, attracting the best-fit client, and driving sales and retention goals. From Utah to the United Kingdom, she has shared her expertise as a marketer and business owner with packed, in-person and virtual audiences.

Throughout her 30-year career she’s been an early adopter of technology. She sent her first email newsletter in 1998 and coded her first website in 2000. In 2006, she began teaching financial service organizations the ins and outs of LinkedIn – at a time when many were hoping the “Internet thing” would blow over. Today she continues to drive innovation and exploration through her work to help industry leaders broaden their reach through video and virtual media. Beyond simply turning on the camera and offering a talking-head solution, Sheri coaches leaders and their teams as they reimagine their next virtual high-stakes presentation.

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PERSONAL BRANDING: Seizing Opportunities With Your digitalEQ™

Today, everyone is a personal brand. A brand that creates an immediate first impression – a lasting impression – whether you are intentional about it or not.

Many professionals know about personal branding but continue to neglect theirs, perhaps because it feels too “personal” or egotistical. But crafting one’s brand isn’t about navel gazing. Along with supporting where we want to go and who we want to be, it gives us a voice and a vehicle to share what we believe with the world.

With the deepening of the hyper personalization of AI in nearly all types of businesses and the recent sea change to virtual due to COVID19, many professionals will increasingly be challenged to make meaningful connections with colleagues and clients in the digital sphere.

The way to start is by crafting an intentional personal brand grounded in digitalEQ™. digitalEQ is a process that can help you progress toward more empathic and authentic communication with colleagues, clients and your community.

In this virtual session, noted speaker and financial services sales and marketing guru Sheri Fitts will help you explore how to build your personal brand equity and develop digitalEQ through moving from idea to intention, and from intention to action. Through easy-to-follow, step-by-step and yes, fun, process, Sheri will help you harness the unique power of your personal brand and show you why command of digitalEQ is key to unlocking its promise.

• Beginning with the end in mind: It’s not about artificial intelligence, it’s about emotional intelligence
• Creating a meaningful and emotionally resonant brand
• Exploring opportunities in the digital sphere to practice, grow and solidify a personal brand

Own Your Impact: A Virtual Leadership Workshop for Women

Imagine a virtual high-stakes presentation. Picture a quarterly committee meeting and investment review via video. How will you prepare and use it as an opportunity to shine? Will your efforts amplify their expertise and experience?

Are you ready to be purposeful about your camera confidence? Can you bring that confidence into your delivery and interactions – when there are zero social clues available in a virtual conversation?

Are you ready to use this time of change to step up your game and challenge yourself to Own Your Impact intentionally, powerfully, purposefully?

Get ready to do just that! Join us for a different kind of virtual event. One specifically created for women. Of course, you’ll learn the technology and techniques. And then we’ll go further – lights, camera angle, makeup, posture, voice inflection and more. It’s about camera confidence, it’s about impact. You’ll learn:

• Secrets to camera placement, quality lighting and sound – along with some homemade hacks to get the very best out of your technology
• Simple ways to punch up your on-camera performance – from voice modulation to breathing and posture
• Free and freemium technology to help you create and construct beautiful presentations that engage and enlighten
• Powerful tips for owning your voice, bringing others into the conversation and creating connections across the virtual chasm
• Multiple ways to increase your camera confidence and own your impact!