Paula Muto

Founder/CEO at UBERDOC

Hospital and Health Care

Education: Amherst College '85 - NY Medical '89,Tufts Surgery '95, Lahey Vascular Surgery '96
Andover, MA, USA


General and vascular surgeon in private practice outside Boston for over 20 years, from a family of surgeons, created a digital health technology platform that connects patients directly to physicians for a transparent price. Paula is a women's health advocate, disrupter, and passionate about fixing healthcare.


Good patient care, teaching/mentoring young physicians and women
Playing squash

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Taking my surgical boards in labor (and passing)

Origin Story

As a surgeon in solo, private practice, I always paid attention to how difficult it was for patients to get to a specialist and for doctors to process insurance payments. The costs were out of balance on both sides. One day I read an article in the Sunday NY Times about a woman who twisted her ankle in Manhattan, went to the ER, then dutifully to her primary, who promptly referred her to an "in network" specialist in Connecticut. She had no way of getting there on crutches, googled orthopedic surgeons, found a dozen in a two block radius, saw one, paid cash, and said why can't it just be like that? And I thought about it and said why can't it be simple? That's when UBERDOC was born.