Rebeka Mazzone

Strategic Finance Consultant, Entrepreneur at FuturED Finance

Higher Education

Education: St. John Fisher College
Providence, RI, USA


Rebeka has spent over 20 years in strategy planning and analysis with a focus on collaboration and successfully partnering within the organization to close the gap between finance and operations. Her people centered financial leadership and/or operations roles allow her focus has been excellence in operations and work environment. After spending several years with a Big 4 accounting firm, Rebeka provided outsourced CFO and financial turnaround services for a broad range of industries before working directly in higher education, most recently as the COO of an industrial arts school where she oversaw faculty, the development and launch of a new academic program and construction and financing of a new academic building. She is excited to return to her passion of consulting to help companies thrive and evolve.


Wine, food, sailing and paddle-boarding, but since all of those cost money, I make a living helping businesses evolve.
Rebeka is a strategist and planner, passionate about creating value for companies. Her entrepreneurial mindset and intellectual curiosity drive her to find creative ways to solve problems, prioritize and deliver tangible outcomes in a growing organization. Rebeka has demonstrated achievement in developing and leading organization-wide change management including turning around company or department performance several times throughout her consulting career.
Rebeka is known as an effective leader with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, coaching her team to achieve their fullest potential. She is passionate about education and teaching others as demonstrated by serving as a national group discussion leader for the AICPA and adjunct professor at Providence College on topics related to finance, accounting, performance metrics, cybersecurity and operations best practices.
She has a strong understanding of the use and impact of technology on businesses and is passionate about being part of the innovation driven by advances is technology, such as predictive analytics.

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Best Story

There are too many ah-ha moments to list, I love to learn and I love to share my experiences through stories.

Origin Story

I had many notable influences in my life, 1 person stands out as encouraging me to apply for college after believing I would not be able to afford to go. 4 months later, I was attending my first class.