Kal K. Sahota

President & Chief Executive Officer at HeroX


Education: BCIT
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Kal has 25 years experience in business and client relationship management. Most of the experience amassed has been in the financial services industry with diverse expertise in an executive role, client relationship management, sales, sales management, insurance/estate plan implementation and financial planning. Since joining HeroX in 2015, Kal has collaborated with Fortune 50, Fortune 500 and small-medium size organizations on incorporating crowdsourcing as a component of their innovation strategies. Kal heads up the HeroX sales team as the VP of Possibilities and also works closely with the CEO and co-founder in continuing to drive the strategy and vision of HeroX. Kal was recently awarded a Top 50 Tech Visionary Award


When you crowdsource you unlock unlimited potential and creativity. A "hero" on the other side of the world could offer you a solution that you would never have otherwise considered. That’s the kind of exponential growth and disruption HeroX has made accessible for brands and organizations. This is also the fuel which drives my passion. Crowdsourcing levels the playing field for anyone to compete and potentially earn prize matter your religion, color, education or financial well being. Quite simply...the best idea wins no matter what the source. Not everyone has the luxury of a formal education, why should that preclude anyone from participating and contributing ideas? Ideas which have the power to potentially disrupt organizations and possibly entire industries. The ideas of today shape our future tomorrows. This is my small way of leaving the world in a better place than when I found it. In addition to feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless, let's give everyone the same opportunity to earn and make their lives better and provide for their loved ones. It's that which stays in the forefront of my mind when I do what I do.

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Best Story

A a-ha moment came in December of 2016. It occurred to us, when the crowd comes to compete on a challenge, once the challenge completes and the winner is awarded...the crowd disperses since there is no reason for them to stay. That showed up for us as a bit of waste and as an opportunity. We have since positioned ourselves as the Social Network for Crowdsourcing. Think to the social networks you are familiar with...Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You have a home page or a main page. At HeroX, you have your own Crowdsourcing Page. Every challenge you host, lives on your HeroX Crowdsourcing Page. Just like Facebook and LinkedIn, you build, grow and communicate with your very own community off of your personal crowdsourcing page. The more you crowdsource, the larger community gets. Just like when you started your LinkedIn, you had a few connections now you likely have a few hundred (or more!) Incorporating the Crowd into your innovation and growth strategy is critical in ensuring you stay in front of or within your exponential curve. Having your very own Crowd that you can tap into again and again is critical component in supporting that strategy. It's quite simply the future.

Origin Story

This is a blog that was written detailing my journey to HeroX, it's well articulated. I joined as a Client Relationship Manager with HeroX, within 6 months took on the role I am in now, VP Possibilities.