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Education: Salisbury University - B.S. in Communications
Vernon Township, NJ, USA


Carrie is an author, speaker, leadership & performance coach with a passion for helping people bring their best selves to the table, and unlock new levels of leadership potential in order to create meaningful positive impact in their lives and organizations. She is a strategic thinking partner with over 25 years experience to leaders and organizations as a speaker on leadership, self-mastery and well-being.

Described by her clients as a dedicated, hands-on, balanced, fun and inspiring professional with a knack for navigating pit-falls and creating levels of action to grow successes in one’s professional and personal life. She’s taught and spoken on stages in large corporations and associations like The Freeman Company and GBTA. Her work helps to serve clients and audiences to optimize leadership, well-being, mindset and impact as humans and organizations. Carrie leads a fullfilling life in Northern New Jersey with her family of two teenage sons.


Say Yes To You | Work-Life Harmony| Avoiding Burnout | Stress Relief

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Best Story

Do you know those colleagues who have been on committees way past the point where they want to be? One day in December I was walking past a colleague's office and did a double-take. She had gifts all over her office from floor to ceiling. There was not a spot on the floor where that was not covered. I turned to her and said, "Oh, you are doing that silent auction again." "Yes," she said exasperated. "I just cannot say no." To which I replied to her "You know Brenda, NO is a complete sentence." to which she responded in her New Orleans southern drawl, "THAT I have to get tattoed on my forehead." Now we don't need to get a dramatic "NO" tattooed to our foreheads, but we can know our value and our boundaries.

Origin Story

In 2015, I was in a senior position within an organization. I had a young family and I was climbing the corporate ladder. On the outside, it seemed like I had it all together. On the inside, I was unhappy, disconnected and stressed. I figured there had to be a better way. I became a certified professional coach to help myself and others navigate and uplevel careers and lives.

Example talks

Elevate Your Journey - Mastering Self-Advocacy for Career Success & Removing the Blocks to Self-Worth

- Having Your Own Back

- Creating Your Unique Roadmap

- Operation - Showcase YOU

Say Yes To You - 3 Inspirational Steps to Take You from Soul-Less Living to Heart-Full Action

- Proven steps you must take to inspire purposeful action and feel like your life matters

- The # 1 common mistake that keeps us stuck in people pleasing mode and feeling like others are walking all over us

- The Powerful Secret you need to follow to realize your greatest purpose and potential

In this talk, Carrie Clark, ACC SHRM-CP speaks for companies and associations to invite their attendees to experience well-being in action. When we take care of ourselves and our happiness we can easily have a fulfilling career and life. Saying Yes to You uncovers what is in the way and what to remove to get the most out of our lives. On-a-dime action takes us to our best selves today and the future.

From Vendor to Partner - Powerful Ways to Communicate & Elevate Your Brand

- Which communication style is best?

- Building trust

- Going from transactional to integrated partner

- Using "I don't know" to gain credibility

Balance Blocks and Breakthroughs - How to Stop the Energy Suckers, Turn Up Your Efficiency and Get Stuff Done with More Ease

- An essential mindset shift that will take you from buried by your schedule to being intentional about your time

- The first steps you must take in order to harness the power of joy to shift your life back in to balance

- The 1 thing you absolutely MUST AVOID if you want to eliminate situations that drain you, your time, and your energy

Careers in Event Management - Everything you need to know (for Colleges | Universities | High Schools | Tech Schools)

This talk with Carrie discusses:

1. **Creativity Unleashed:** Event Management provides a platform for individuals to unleash their creativity by conceptualizing and executing unique and memorable experiences, from themed parties to large-scale corporate events.

2. **Diverse Opportunities:** The field offers a wide range of opportunities, allowing professionals to work on an array of events such as weddings, concerts, conferences, and festivals. This diversity ensures that each project brings new challenges and keeps the job exciting and dynamic.

3. **Client Interaction and Networking:** Event managers often work closely with clients, honing their interpersonal and communication skills. This role allows individuals to build a valuable network within the industry, fostering connections that can lead to future collaborations and opportunities.

4. **Problem-Solving and Adaptability:** Successful event managers excel in problem-solving and adaptability. The ever-changing nature of events requires quick thinking and the ability to navigate unexpected challenges, contributing to personal and professional growth.

5. **Satisfaction of Creating Memories:** Few careers offer the satisfaction of seeing one's meticulous planning come to life in the form of unforgettable events. Event managers play a crucial role in creating lasting memories for clients and attendees, adding a sense of fulfillment to their work.

THE COMMUNICATION MASTERY METHOD 5 Game Changing Ways to Clarify Your Messaging Style, Connect with Confidence and Create Team Harmony Now


- A proven process to create trust and strengthen team collaboration

- How to communicate effectively in order to harness the win-win in all situations

- A crucial step to improve listening skills so you can collectively increase productivity and profits