Alecia Orsini

Film Producer & UPM | Audio Engineer | Media Consultant at Orsini Consulting | GBH

Media Production

Medway, MA, USA


Alecia Orsini is an award-winning Producer, Director and Multi-Media professional with 15+ years of experience working in the film industry. She is a Production Manager for film and works at GBH in Boston as an Audio Board Operator for radio.

Alecia is a prominent voice in the region's film community as President Emeritus of Women in Film and Video of New England. She also devotes time to Save MA Film Jobs / MA Film Works, working behind the scenes for the grassroots organization supporting Film Tax Incentives in the state of Massachusetts. She’s a staunch advocate, utilizing her experience and platform to amplify the voices of the underserved within the film industry such as women of color and members of the LGBTQI+ communities.

In 2012 she was named one of the Cape & Plymouth Business 40 Under 40 for her volunteer work & entrepreneurship, and in 2019 she was named an Imagineer for her service to the film industry by Imagine Magazine. Alecia recently returned to the director’s chair and completed filming of the short drama “Late Fall”.

Aside from her professional work, Alecia is a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts, can drive a stick shift and is the proud mother of two boys Finn and Sawyer.


My job as a Producer/Production Manger is to solve problems and connect the dots. Nothing is more rewarding that weaving the connecting tissues together and finding solutions.

I'm an information and story junkie. If it's NPR, Facebook, National Geographic, Science at Burning Man, Instagram, a marketing campaign, or listing to someone at a coffee shop, I want to hear and share stories. They are the tools of a problem solver.

I love to mentor. Especially consulting with young women, so they can move the ball forward.
My mother always said that I found that I was the smartest person in the room, it was time to find another room. Instead, I want to help build it and as a BIG DOOR.

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Best Story

What is your earliest memory? Maybe you have a few. I remember the crunch of sand in my tuna fish sandwich on the beach. My friend crying when she had to leave my house after a playdate. Snowy walks behind our house that felt like walking into Narnia. Is there one that sank in so deep that it has shaped who you are? Like watching a rocket launch, or seeing a play?
Some memories are not driven by such pleasant circumstances. Memories of hiding in fear under a bed. Or the first time I chose to act out of anger. Unpleasant as they may be, the lasting impressions helped me survive.

- Ask me about 492-1111

Origin Story

I have always been a storyteller. My mother is a teacher and gifted storyteller (she has the gift of gab) and my father is a graphic designer and a painter. Both of them are artists in their own ways, and they inspired me to keep learning!
As for film, my grandfather had a split 16mm film camera. He filmed my father from the day he came home from the hospital to age 17. A camera was ALWAYS at family gatherings. The desire to document and share life through a lens came directly from them.

Example talks

Fanny Packs are In: Your Kick-Ass, Get a Job Production Assistant Workshop

Love Film? Want to actually work on one? Strap on your fanny pack, throw on cozy shoes, grab sharpies and lets go! In this action-packed workshop, you will learn what you need to know to start as a Production Assistant (PA) tomorrow. Pitfalls, how to use a walkie, what the lingo means, how to talk about money, and what the reality is of working in the film industry.

Building Your Personal Brand

YOU are a BRAND! What will people's impression of you be based on a Google search? Everything you do online leaves behind breadcrumbs of information about you. What sort of trail are you leaving? FIND OUT!

Do you know how you're appearing and coming across online? Do you have social media profiles? If so, are they fully fleshed out with all of your information? Do they present you in the best light possible, and make you look professional? Are you using high-quality professional photography? Are you interacting with others and sharing their content?

Join Alecia Orsini to talk about ways to clean up the crumbs you are leaving on the web and build a strong personal presence.