Sam Mak

President at TR Excellence Consultants

Education Management

Fairfax, VA, USA


Sam Mak is an author who just published a new book, Muslim Mythbusting. As a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Sam helps college students who feel isolated and afraid learn to celebrate their unique gifts while embracing self-acceptance. Sam believes as children we see each other as equals, however our natural programming from external influences leads us to fear those that are not like us. Sam specializes in guiding students to examine their prejudices and develop a higher awareness of their root fears, allowing them to experience other individuals for who they are regardless of perceived differences. As President of TRExcellence Consultants, she builds bridges of understanding for colleges students, air force cadets, synagogues, churches, and conference attendees. Sam offers interactive presentations that move participants to feel connected and accepted using her Smile, Speak, Share system.


We’re spending so much time in this world fighting each other; just imagine what would happen if we’d all work together. Let's build instead of break.

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Best Story

A famous Arab leader, Mohammad always surrounded himself with strong women: women that were opinionated, women that challenged the status quo, and women that contributed back to society. His wife employed him in her business and his daughters became experts on women's rights. We realize that the example that is set for us through history is that women make the difference. The influence of his inner circle of women gave Mohammad the edge to leave his imprint on the world.

Origin Story

Sam Mak has been speaking to audiences for over 20 years. As an Entrepreneur, Sam has helped women business owners learn how to run successful businesses. After 9/11, Sam was asked to do a presentation on Islam for her children's school. Shortly after that, she was asked to teach about Islam to a group of Air Force Cadets and the requests kept coming.