Meghan Gardner

CEO and Chief Storyteller at Guardian Adventures

Education Management

Education: Syracuse University
Boston, MA, USA


Meghan Gardner is the founder of Guardian Adventures, which designs innovative and educational events and runs cultural awareness training programs. Guardian Adventures also provides curriculum and training development for making education exciting and memorable for kids, teens, adults, and employees. Translating High Tech to High Touch and Transmedia to Transexperience are the company's core competencies by developing innovative and educational adventures to engage participants from varied cultural backgrounds.

As the founder of Meghan has worked with cultural educators and advisors from around the world in how to represent their culture and lived experience in both media and live events.

Meghan is also a STEM Curriculum Designer for The Princeton Review, a story-based adventure designer for Royal Caribbean Cruises (providing educational adventures for their 6 million clients a year), an annual guest lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and other major universities, and an international speaker on the topic of Cultural Competency, Informal Education, Learning, and Training for all ages. 

In her free time, Meghan volunteers for hospice and works with terminally ill patients of all ages as well as their families.


Creating immersive experiences that explore cultures in a way that is educational, sensitive, and appropriate.

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Origin Story

I created STEM and story-based adventures focusing on myths and legends form around the world. Now we have local, USA, and international clients who enjoy our educational story-based adventures. We have also partnered with cultural educators and advisors ranging from indigenous communities, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and more as we created programs that represented their cultures in both entertaining and appropriate ways.