Ayanna Parrent

CEO, B FREE Coaching and Wellness at B FREE Coaching and Wellness

Individual and Family Services

Education: Wheelock College, Boston - Simmons University, Boston MSW, LICSW CAGS in process
Barnstable, MA, USA


Ayanna Parrent, LICSW & Registered Yoga Teacher is the Owner and Founder Of B FREE Coaching and Wellness in Harwhich Port. She is a life coach and designed her own coaching model to help release difficult emotions and trauma from the body through movement, mindfulness and fun! Her studio offers a variety of workshops, fitness classes and movement classes designed for all bodies, all races, cultures and people. She is the founder of the Becoming FREE retreat that is offered yearly, co -host of the Fit Phat Chat Podcast and author of her memoir Becoming Free, published in January 2021.


Movement mindfulness and fun!!! Ayanna found her own personal healing journey through getting sober from alcohol addiction using the tools of movement and mindfulness. She loves to speak to folks about her journey and becoming free. She believes we are all recovering from something and all healing is possible through the B FREE Model.

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Best Story

I was lying on my yoga mat in rehab crying like I did many times but this one was different. I could actually feel my breath the first time in my body and it started to slow my thoughts down. It was in that moment that I realized I could calm by body and control my thoughts with my own breath. From that moment on my life was changed and B FREE was born.

Origin Story

After years of enduring childhood trauma, giving my self to others through becoming a social worker and recovering from a nasty alcohol addiction, I designed my own healing model and found that this brought freedom to my life and the lives of others. Running my business and telling my story about how I got here is my favorite thing to do. I have spoken at retreats, on podcasts, radio spots and web shows about my story and this topic.