janet fouts

Human Potential Facilitator, Speaker, Coach, Author at Nearly Mindful

Health, Wellness and Fitness

San Jose, CA, USA


Janet Fouts is the principal coach and founder of Nearly Mindful, a Silicon Valley mindfulness training organization. With over 25 years working in the digital marketing and technology industries, she understands the need to come home to our human needs and find personal fulfillment in our lives at home and at work.

She skillfully works at the nexus of tech, neuroscience, and mindfulness, and believes deeply in the value of self-awareness and emotionally intelligent communication at all levels of business.

As a personal and emotional intelligence coach, facilitator, speaker, and trainer, she brings the tools of mindfulness, positive psychology and emotional intelligence together to help leaders and their teams realize their full potential.

With the Nearly Mindful workshops, retreats, group, and one-on-one coaching sessions, Janet makes emotional intelligence and mindfulness relatable and doable for everyone.


I help people realize there isn't just one way to be successful in the world. It's OK to be kind, compassionate and focus on what is important, and when we do that, suddenly we can prioritize and get more done!

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

I'm a crossover from years working in tech and so I'm comfortable with geeks like myself who may be thinking all this feely stuff is too icky. I was working with a very driven engineer who felt that everyone thought he was stuffy and difficult to work with and they avoided him. We worked on his listening skills. Truly listening put him in a stronger position and he learned to be quiet and really put himself into listening. His team felt heard and soon they were all working better together as a team. They felt they knew him to be a good kind and intelligent person and he began to see his team the same way. It was beautiful.

Origin Story

After more than 20 years in tech, Janet found herself overloaded, depressed and caring for a loved one with Cancer. Instead of giving into the depression she discovered the value of mindfulness-based stress reduction and brought herself up out of the pit she was in and found new energy to move forward. After several years of study at places like Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research, the Search Inside Yourself Program and several others, she is an accomplished teacher of how to beat stress, increase happiness, and be productive and successful in lif and work.

Example talks

Leading 5 Generations in the workplace

When we talk about a diverse workforce, does that include the generational differences we are seeing now in the tech industry? To truly connect and create a culture of collaboration and teamwork we must meet people where they are. We'll talk about understanding the unique values of each generation and how to create a common ground from which to work.
Key Takeaways
Understand the motivations and talents of people of each generation
Grow a common language base to improve understanding for all
Build cross-generational bridges to improve performance and engagement
How a servant leadership approach lifts all boats

Caring For All in the New Culture of Work

Based on Janet’s TEDx talk at Purdue University, this workshop puts compassion forward for our co-workers, addressing options to support the caregiver as they begin to reintegrate to the workplace. When we step back for a little perspective we realize how many opportunities there are to care for each other – creating aa more viable relationship between all stakeholders involved.
What you’ll learn:
• How to identify opportunities to support all and reduce stress and burnout
• Nourishing a collaborative culture through conscious communication
• Develop a human capital strategy to build positive, productive relationships and create a culture of care within the organization for all employees