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Miracle Olatunji

Founder & CEO at OpportuniMe & Her Wallet Media

Information Technology and Services

Education: Northeastern University
Boston, MA, USA


Miracle Olatunji is a student at Northeastern University, an entrepreneur, public speaker, model, activist, and author of Purpose: How To Live and Lead With Impact. In high school, she founded OpportuniMe, an award-winning organization which connects youth with summer enrichment opportunities that empower them to learn about different career paths, build their skills, and ultimately, realize and reach their full potential. At Northeastern, Miracle is a finance and accounting major with a passion for entrepreneurship, technology, social impact, health & wellness, fashion, and innovation. She’s been honored as one of The Tempest's 2019 40 Women To Watch Who Are Changing The World, a Young Futurist and Game-changer, a Young Global Leadership Scholar, and her work has also been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Technical.ly, BostInno, The CEO Library, and other publications.

Miracle is also the founder of Her Wallet Media, a new platform for women and girls to gain knowledge and resources on the topics of building their "net worth, network, and self worth" through content, community, and coaching. She was honored as an EXTRAOrdinary Woman by Boston.gov during the International Women’s Day Celebration at City Hall. Miracle was recently part of Barbie's #YouCanBeAnything #MoreRoleModels campaign aimed at closing the dream gap and inspiring women and girls around the world. She was also part of Melinda Gates and the Harvard Business Review’s ‘Equality Can’t Wait’ campaign.

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Origin Story

When I was in high school, I participated in an incredible youth entrepreneurship program called the Diamond Challenge. By participating in this program, I was able to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and I also had the amazing opportunity to make friends from all over the world. I was able to learn about the many problems that were being solved in different parts of the world and meet the innovative people behind those solutions. Before the program, I didn’t know much about business and entrepreneurship, but I was enthralled by the challenging and exciting process of solving problems, creating value, and making a difference. I was so inspired by many young entrepreneurs I had met who were working on ventures that made a significant impact on the lives of other people - in their communities and in society. Their energy and passion was contagious and I quickly caught it!