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Diane Darling

TEDx Speaker, McGraw-Hill Author, LinkedIn Aficionado at Diane Darling

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Principia College
Boston, MA, USA


You see it ALL the time. It's a typical conference or event. And the majority of people are scrolling through their phone - even during the networking break.

As a former meeting planner, I know the work involved to make an event happen only to face the frustration and disappointment when people say they want more networking. What???? You were on your phone!

Meet Diane Darling, an energetic speaker who gets people talking ... to each other ... in real life.

Her lively, informative, and impactful talks help people gain confidence to step out of their comfort zone and meet others at events.

She includes interactive exercises that make people laugh, engage, and aren't creepy.

Clients include Yale Law School, Harvard Business School, 20th Century Fox, Fidelity Investments, American Bar Association, European Cardiology Society, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, TD Bank, Bank of America, Citizens Bank, Center for Women in Law, Canadian Consulate, Arts and Business Council, Zoho, Haynes Boone, Mintz, Cooley, SMU Dedman Law, Stanford Alumni, London School of Economics Alumni, Case Western Alumni, Avnet, C_Space, American Airlines, American Heart Association, Harvard Law School


When I help someone realize they have a talent or skill they have overlooked or devalued. It's fabulous to witness!

I'm a problem solver at heart. My brain starts chugging away when I hear there's a question or issue. For example when a guy said he felt left out of conversations because he didn't understand football. I created a workshop called Watercooler Football .... it even ended up on CBS Sunday Morning.

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Best Story

The Wall Street Journal featured my workshop in an article on December 4, 2001. NBC Nightly News called to see about doing a segment on my workshops and that same day McGraw-Hill called asking me if I'd like to write a book.

Amazing day!

Origin Story

As someone who went to 15 schools before college, I know what it feels like to be the new kid. I want to help people feel included. That led me to host workshops teaching people how to build community, connections, both personally and professionally.

Example talks

You are the CEO of Your Life - Embrace It

Want your people to take responsibility for their own career? This talk will empower them to take charge, identify where they want to go and how to get there.

Past audiences have raved how much they found this talk not just inspired them however compelled them to take action to advance their career.

Learnings include:
- Knowing how to identify their strengths as well as weaknesses
- Communication challenges that leaders need to overcome
- How to engage a diverse workforce
- Top mistakes leaders make when climbing up their organization
- Ways to deal with inevitable setbacks and get back on track

Converting Today's Contacts into Tomorrow's Clients

You have a growing list of contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, your phone, and many other places. But how do you convert those random contacts into paying clients? In this talk I'll share strategic methods for you to stay in touch (NO stalking allowed) and create beneficial and meaningful business relationships. (I've presented this talk at a variety of professional service firms including law, financial services, accounting, architecture, construction, and design.)

How NOT to Work a Room

For most people it's the least favorite way to network but attending events is simply a part of life. In this interactive, participatory talk (or workshop), attendees will learn how to navigate events.

Topics included: How to get into a conversation >> Ways to juggle a plate of appetizers and a drink >> What to do when you forget someone's name >> How to get OUT of conversations >> When to exchange business cards. For a step-by-step guide, please check out .... http://dianedarling.com/how-to-work-a-room-1/

CLIENTS: I've presented this talk to over 100 organizations including Harvard Law School, Fidelity Investments, Cisco, 20th Century Fox, American Bar Association, London School of Economics, Bank of America, University of Texas Law School, Harvard Business School, to name a few.