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Mel McSherry

International Business Guide, Speaker and Author at Better Than Before

Professional Training and Coaching

Chicago, IL, USA


I work with Womxn and Femme identified Entrepreneurs/Business Owners who are exhausted and overwhelmed by everything they think they need to do in order to have the success they desire.

I slash their stress by using my spiritual gifts, as well as my 10+ years of business building experience, to guide and help them connect to what they want, while staying aligned with their true design of how they work, so every day they are profitable mentally, emotionally, and financially as they create the business, money and life they seek.


Womxn/Femme Identified Entrepreneurs/Business Owners, Self prioritization, profitability, Human design, meditation, boundaries.

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Origin Story

I have been an entrepreneur since 2010. My first business was in the fitness industry, I was a certified personal trainer and did at home training. With the birth of my son in 2011, I could not keep traveling for clients and make an income, so in 2013 I partnered with a network marketing company and became an online health and fitness coach.

Though my passion is fitness I started to get extremely connected to, and passionate about, helping the other women on my team and in the company develop their businesses by showing them how to develop their vision, their value, and their voice within it. Soon, other network marketing companies wanted me to show their team members how to do the same and I realized that I was pivoting into business coaching.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to have a year long mentorship with the John Maxwell, which strengthen my passion for coaching even more. That led me to getting my coaching certification through his leadership team at the end of 2015, leaving network marketing in the middle of 2016, and launching this business full time in 2017.

Since 2020 I have added a bit of spice by introducing my spiritual gifts and tools, on top of the strategy/approach I have already been preaching and practicing to help thousands of humans get crystal clear on what they want, connect to how they are designed to work and then creating a customized, prioritized plan of action so they can create the success they desire, as well as the free time and space to enjoy it.

Example talks

How to be Profitable Mentally, Emotionally and Financially, Every Day!

Talk Summary: All entrepreneurs/business owners have unlimited potential for what they can create with their businesses. But a shocking majority never even come close because they are overwhelmed by all the things they believe they need to do, and who they need to be, to create the success they desire. The fastest path to slashing the stress and designing the business, money, and life you want is a customized, priority plan that is in alignment with what you want and allows you to be profitable mentally, emotionally and financially every day.

In my talk, I walk you through my 5 Point Profit Priority Plan. This will give you the permission and the space to identify and connect to what you want, show you how to tame the time that you have every day and how to utilize that time profitability, so no matter what the day brings, you have a plan of action that moves with you as well as supports you.
This is more than to do lists and goal boards, it's about taking the time to connect to your strengths, understanding how you work, honoring your time and energy, and truly connecting to your inner strength, guidance, and all around bad- assary.

Key Takeaways-
By attending this session you will learn to:
1- Identify what YOU want (not what you think you deserve or what is "right")
2- Own the time that you have
3- Create goals that go deeper than just numbers/measurables
4- Prioritize your tasks correctly for a simple, streamlined to do list that is aligned with you want
5- Customize your daily plan of action to your energy level and time available