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Mel McSherry

International Business Development Coach and Speaker at Better Than Before

Chicago, IL


I work with women business owners who are exhausted and overwhelmed by everything they think they need to do in order to be successful.

I slash their stress by showing them how to prioritize their business, their time, and themselves correctly so they can create the money and life they want, in the time they have!


Self prioritization, profit prioritization, and time management

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Fast Path to Profit and Freedom

Most women in business have huge potential for their companies. But a shocking majority never even come close because they are exhausted and overwhelmed by things they believe they need to do to be successful. The fastest path through stress and overwhelm, and to experience true profit and freedom, is when you have a crystal clear Priority Plan, designed to create the business, the money and the life you want in the time you have.

In my talk, I walk you through 5 Priority Points including getting clear on, and connecting to, your goals, realistic time management, setting up boundaries, etc., with the end result being a customized plan of action to success.

Speakers Fast Path to Profit and Freedom

How would you like to walk into a room knowing everyone in it was your ideal client? That is exactly what speaking can provide for you. I will show you how to create a signature talk that not only highlights you and your story but also how the problems you can solve with your one of a kind service.
This includes fleshing out your speaking points, how to share your story, and create a customized, lead generating offer. Ensuring you profitable leads and faster sales so you can create the business, the money and the life you want, fast!